Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year - 2010

It's a New Year!  So...without further adieu - I present to you a very lame, very generic, very without pictures new blog - Ain't Miss Beehaven!

Why "Ain't Miss Beehaven" you ask?  Because all my life my family has called me Bee - because I used to call myself Miss Bee - but could not get a blog name with Bee anything - so I made up Miss-Beehaven and when I got to the first page - I decided to put ain't in front.  So a couple of things about ain't:

My Mom despises this term - I did not do this to hurt you Mom, or embarrass you, I simply thought it would make this blog a little fun!

I am calling my blog Ain't Miss Beehaven because it's seemed fun and appropriate.  So there you have it - I ain't miss-behaven right now but I do sometimes - sometimes at a good party - or when my children act up!  I have also been known to pull a road rage and Mis-behave - but very infrequently!  But isn't that just part of living in Boston?  Don't all Bostonian's have road rage?   My other half drives in to the city every day and I've seen him in action!  Oh - wait my brother in law Leo drives into the city every day and he DOES not have road rage - but he's a rare breed!  He also did not grow up here!  He grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire - there is no traffic there!  I don't think he understands road rage!

So my goals for my blog this year are:

1.  Figure out how to do this and do it well.
2.  Attend my very first Blogher conference with my sister ( - Meg is very clever and full of artistic ability that I somehow inherited absolutely none of!  She's going to help me make this blog look pretty and cool!  Thank you Meg!
3.  Relearn HTML
4.  Drink more red wine!  Ha see - I'm already Miss-beehaven!

So here is my very first post - pictures and more to follow! 



  1. BEE! Welcome to bloggy land!

    I spent the first 49 years of my life in MA (grew up in Swansea) and now I'm in The Sunshine State (north of Orlando-the Mouse is south of Orlando).

    My son just flew back to MA this morning (he stayed on the Cape when we moved in '06). On the way to the airport, we were discussing that compared to Florida drivers, MA drivers are PERFECT!!

  2. Yay - my very first post! Thank you LMSS! I think you should divert some funds and join us in NYC - Mass girls tear up the town!

    Hope CC boy makes in back to the Cape safely! My Mom says all the snow from 2-3 weeks ago has melted!

    I am going to add you to my wall of fame! :)

  3. Well, Miss-Beehaven - how much fun are you going to have with your blog....I do think the "Ain't" is appropriate since the song title is such a classic - like you!!! You also have latent talent - you just haven't had time to tap into it with your family responsibilites, workload. Perhaps you'll find your niche in writing - we know you can cook!!! I love reading you and Meg and Jen and Eliza and all the other creative women who offer so much to those of us who just read. Congratulations!! You'll keep us, your mother

  4. Remember, the sisters that blog together stay together!

  5. Welcome to the Blogosphere! Looking forward to meeting you at BlogHer!