Saturday, January 30, 2010

Say hello to my new love

Meet my new love - a KitchenAid mixer!  In my favorite color!  Meg and Mom were out shopping and came across this little goodie for a "really good deal"   So I am the receipient of an early Birthday present - Thanks Mom and Meg - I love it! Mom and Meg LOVE sales - Meg was buying sandels yesterday because "well they were such a good deal - too good to pass up" - Meg LOVES to buy items 1/2 price and so does Mom - sales r them!  Who buys sandels in January in Boston????  Huh? Someone tell me please!  I know Meg does - because hey there were half price you know!

They should be professional shoppers - I know there is such a thing!

I will be trying out some pizza dough and bread tomorrow - I'm online looking at the pasta attachment as I type!

Have any good recipes to share for my new love?

I'll be Miss-Beehaven in the kitchen tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 28 2009 - my Dad - my hero - died

This is my Dad - his name was Richard - known as Dick or Richie - either way - my hero -
always and forever.

Today is the day my father died, 1 year ago today.  It plays over and over in my mind - rewinding and replaying - reliving each segment of that day.   I knew it was coming - I knew he was dying - but you hope that by some miracle of God that you're wrong. I didn't expect it to happen as it did - but does losing a loved one ever happen as you think it will?  Instead of kissing him the night I left him - I saluted him - it was a running joke it our family - My Dad always used to salute my mother when she asked for something to be done - it was his way of having fun with her - and for some strange reason I saluted him that night!   He was so tired from being moved to Boston that he was falling asleep and I didn't want to get in the nurses way so I stood at the end of his bed and gave him one last final salute.  Told him I would see him in the morning.  We'd be back bright and early so we could talk to the Dr about the test they were going to do - the test they never got to becaue he didn't make it through the night.   He died in the wee hours of of morning in a big hospital in Boston - my Mother, my sister and I walked back to the hospital from our hotel in the dark hours of the morning when the city was still quiet - it was a very cold night and we weren't in the greatest of neighborhoods in Boston - 3 woman walking alone, quickly,  half dressed in the streets of Boston - we even laughed at ourselves as we walked over there - and I thought why are we laughing - and then I thought - because none of us wants to cry and make the other cry - we're in this together and we took my Mom's cue - if she was being brave - we were going to be brave too.  Even though I felt like crawling up in a ball and crying I could not do that to my Mom - the strongest of the strong.  We don't crumble in crisis - that is how we approach things.  We face them head on, as best we can, and with dignity.  In fact I asked my Mom that night if I could get up and talk about Dad at his funeral.  She looked at me and said "Oh I don't know, you can't get up there and blubber you know."  My argument was that I thought someone from the family should do this, someone who knew my dad.  The Man's Man backed me up on this one - he said "Ann she'll be fine - let her do it - I know she can do it".  I did do it - my knees shook and my voice cracked a few times but I did it - because that's the kind of gal I am.  Not a priest nor a stranger was going to give my Dad his final send off, that is reserved for someone who really knew him - someone who loved him like only a family member could.  It was an honor to do that and I will never forget it - even if I did think my legs would never stop shaking!  We took him to his final resting place at a National Cemetary on Cape Cod - where from his resting place you can see through the trees - the ocean. It's is one of a handful of places in the cemetary where one can actually get a glimpse of the the ocean that is so close by.  It warms my heart and makes me smile to see the ocean when I visit my Dad there.

 It's a difficult day for me, my sister and especially my Mom - I'm not going to lie. I am however, very thankful for all that my father did for me.  He was a wonderful father, friend and advisor.  But quite honestly - I miss my Dad.   I can still hear his voice in my head "Hi Bee, whatcha up to today dear?"  "You wanna talk to your Mother" - "Ok Dad - feel better - listen to the Dr's - take your medicine - bye bye" .......that would be the extent of our phone conversations before he would hand the phone over to my Mom.  He just wasn't much of a phone person - he liked to talk in person.  Sometimes he would talk and talk and talk more - if you stayed over for a few nights you would get the newspaper read to you in the morning while drinking your coffee (but starting to think Bloody Mary anyone?) - "Look at these morons, look at this idiot, they're shooting up the whole city, kid flipped the car over - must have been driving 100 miles an hour!" - and so it would go.........most of the morning - in between that we would get ourselves breakfast from the kitchen - usually 2 or 3 for my Dad - always wanting to share his and make one for you - because that's the kinda guy he was.  If you went to the refrigerator my Dad would suddenly appear right behind you "whatcha lookin for?" "what'd ya need" "want a piece of raisen toast Bee?" - "ah no thanks Dad - I can get my own - thanks anyway!"  By then my sister and I would give each other the look - mix up a bloody mary and retreat to the back deck - for some sun and hopefully no more questions about breakfast!  That used to annoy me sometimes - other times I would just laugh at him, and we would laugh together!  What I would do for 1 more morning of breakfast with Dad.

Here he is holding my youngest son Matthew about 10 hours after he was born - Papa was pretty happy here!  #2 Grandson - 2 baseball players comin up!  My father loved his grandsons - they were always encouraged by him - never ever did I hear my father say a bad word or admonish them for anything - in his eyes they were perfect.

I have no regrets - even before he got sick I made sure to try and spend time with him.  We did have 1 wonderful afternoon together the summer before he passed away - he had finally gotten back on his feet after open heart surgery that left him hospitalized for over 2 months!  The Man's Man took the kids fishing and my Mom was off with some friends at a show or something,  My Dad and I sat on the back deck all afternoon - just talking about life and how far he had come and how lucky he was to have survived what he had.  He told me how much he enjoyed that view of the water and how lucky he and my Mom were to have it.  He thought the shrubs were a bit high and blocking the view, if someone trimmed the shrubs a bit he would have a much better view - so the next morning the Man's Man and I were out there trimming the shrubs - really such a small thing to do so a man could enjoy the water view at his dream retirement home.  I was so glad to be able to do this small chore for my Dad - he smiled brightly when we showed him the trimmed shrubs and thought it was wonderful that he had his full view back!  It's the small things sometimes that mean the most.

We also got to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary prior to my fathers heart issues. It was a very special day and alot of fun for both of them - It was a surprise right up until an hour or so before when we had to tell them to get dressed up and come with us - prior to the truth we told my mom we would be cruising the local waters off Cape Cod - she didn't seem all that thrilled about that!  I'm not sure why because my Mom loves the water!  What a handsome couple too!

We have lots of good memories - much to be thankful for - saying this doesn't make the hurt of losing my Dad go away.  It just reminds me that there are folks less fortunate, who didn't have a dad or didn't have a dad that treated them well - or lost their dad when they were 10 years old. 

I hope if you share the love of a good drink that you will hoist one for Dick today - I know I will - my Dad very much enjoyed his nightly cocktail or 2 prior to his illness - and I hope you are dancing with the angels Dad - because you deserve nothing less.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of the whole enchilada

Ever wonder why people in the Northeast suffer from depression this time of year more than other parts of the country?  Because it's either cold, cloudy, snowing or raining!  Not a great way to start a Monday - but hey - it's another Monday that I breathe so I guess it's not all bad!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Some random Friday thoughts.....

Hi Everyone - It's Friday - Woo-Hoo!  Happy Friday!

Went to see the Dr today - everything is going well and I am free to move about the cabin - just can't lift anything - yet!

Why do people play with their cell phones in the Dr's office? 

Why are people so rude in the store?  I was in Trader Joe's earlier and I swear everyone with the exception of 2 woman took their I AM RUDE pills today!  They cut you off - step in front of you - knock you over and never - never say excuse me! 

How did the world start?  Like how did people start?  My 7 year old asked me this morning - I told him Adam and Eve had a family and so on and so on - where does this kid come up with these questions????  He befuddles me!

And finally - what's everyone having for cocktail hour tonight?  I'm having some red wine because it's good for me - the Dr says so!  Dr.Oz too!  The Man's Man and I are having a little date tonight while Mr. Matt goes to the movies with a friend and his Dad - not sure what I'm up for other than the wine but I know it will taste wonderful if I don't have to answer 50 questions while I'm eating!

Happy Friday!

Ain't Miss-Beehaven

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The next Bobby Orr

I am not usually a mother who brags - actually - Moms that talk about nothing but their kids drive me crazy!  Ask Meg - she'll tell you!

But I want to preserve this weekend in my memory forever - because this little boy works harder than any kid in all of Massachusetts!  Matt played defense the last 3 weeks because thats how it's done - 3 weeks D - 3 weeks offense - it's got to be fair - and Matt isn't too keen on playing D - he likes to score goals and he's not shy about telling you that!  But when the coach tells him to play D - he plays D - no questioning Coach.

This little guy had 2 hockey games this weekend and 3 practices - and guess what?  He scored a hat trick in both games - while playing defense!  He has heart like no other child of 7 I've ever seen!  He rushed the puck and stick handled that puck like nobody's business - and I promise I'm not lying!

Here he is celebrating a goal!

I am happy that he loves the game that much - sometimes I think he's obsessed - he really loves it - and it keeps him out of trouble - plus he's getting LOTS of exercise!  (he also LOVES the glory)

Thank you for letting a Mom brag - I promise not to do it often!

Ain't Miss Beehaven

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miss-Beehavin is bored!

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes I have received while home recovering!  A special thank you to Little Miss Sunshine State for writing instructions for my guys to follow while I am out of commission!  They are all doing their part as best they can!

I have decided that I take my use of 2 arms and 2 legs for granted - it is not easy - I can't imagine being permanently disabled - I am fortunate this is only temporary!  A couple of things that really bug me:

1. - I can't type much
2. - I can't dry my hair - which if you know me well is not good - I like good hair days!
3. - Can't cook much - and I really like to cook!  Sundays are my cooking days in the winter!
4.-  I can't wash my hands together - which I like to do frequently!

More from Miss-Beehavin' later - my arm is tired from typing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi-ho hi-ho - it's off to surgery I go!

Well it's almost here - time to get the elbow fixed and get on with life!  I have to admit I'm a little hesitant - not necessarily nervous - but something.  What if I don't wake up?  Who will mother my children?  I can't imagine another woman bringing up my kids.  Oh the thought of it makes me shudder!  Really what the hell would I do if I was dead?  (not much I suspect) I suppose I could taunt and haunt "her" but really do I believe in that kinda stuff?  (for the record if I don't wake up I hope I can haunt - I've always wanted to haunt!)

I sense the whole house is a bit unsettled because really who will find the lost clothing the next few days?  WHO will find the mustard?  Who will bark the orders?   I'll be on a vicoden diet the next few days and I hope the family doesn't expect alot out of me.  I won't be preparing any 5 course dinners or Pioneer Woman recipes either.  Joe is cooking dinner tomorrow night - fish on the grill, Uncle Ben's rice in the microwave package - and bag o'salad!  Nothing wrong with that though!  Me?  I'll have another vicoden and some gingerale please - because mixing alcohol and pain medication isn't kosher - I DO want to wake up and don't want to be the next Karen Ann Quinlan!

I look forward to reading all my peeps blogs the next few days while I am home hallucinating  - keep it real girls and keep me laughing!  Please!

Ain't Miss-beehavin!  (yet)

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Tommy

This is my Tommy:  Isn't he cute?  That damn Gizslut rapped him around her arm and made him marry her - there goes my chance at being Mrs.Tom Brady - oh wait - I'm married aren't I?  The Man's Man tells me he's bigger, badder and better looking than Tom anyway - then he laughs!  He's got nerve - My Tommy is bigger, badder and better looking than anyone else in the world!  I heart #12!

Things didn't go too well yesterday down in Foxboro MA for Tommy and the boys - frankly they stunk!  Looked live a bunch of Pop Warner kiddos just learning there way around the field!  However I am mature enough to know that we've got some injuries that are killing the team - and Mr.Kraft and Big Bill need to pick up some big D next year.

So Bob - how about it?  Spend some of that stash of cash you have and get my Tommy some big D for next year ok?  Because without it - we're just another football team.  We don't like average here in Boston - we want to WIN - ALL THE TIME - EVERY TIME!  Now get on that!  Oh - Thanks

Ain't Miss-Behavin!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

RIP to a friend to all

RIP to my old babysitter and friend Dwight - who lost his battle with cancer on Jan 1.  When I was a little girl (and even a married woman) he always called me Bridgey - always.  Always happy and always willing to help those in need - always finding the good in evil and inspiring those who needed to be inspired.

Dwight was an inspiration to lots of people especially those with disabilities.  You see Dwight lost his leg in a motorcycle accident when he was young.  He was a wild and crazy but fun loving guy.  He got his stuff together, opened his own successful business and explored the world - he skied, scuba dived and didn't let his disability define him.  He was buried today in a sleepy New England town - RIP Dwight - you have been granted your wings and I'm sure are flying high!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet the Fockers - whoops I mean the family!

Well now that I have my introduction out of the way, I think it's time to meet the family!

Say hello to Joe - or as he is fondly known to some  as "The Man's Man"  (which I will refer to him as going forward) Joe is smiling here because we were on our way to Bar Harbor Me, Joe loves to go on vacation and he loves it even more if you can get there in a car!  Joe is most happy when he's driving the highways of America on some sort of adventure!  Just don't ask him to drive to the grocery store!

Say Hi to Patrick and Matthew!  Hi Kids!  Remember now that Mom loves the dog more!  But smile anyway!  And remember - I work for Lacrosse, golf, hockey and food so be nice!  And...I might pay for some drivers education this summer if somebody does well in school!  Hint hint Patrick!

Say Hello to Carson - he gets nervous riding in the car sometimes so he tries to sit on Matt.  Here he is riding in the backseat of my SUV with Matt - he's 110 pounds of pure, dumb, but loveable lab! 

So that's the family - The Man's Man and the punks!  And of course Carson!  Tune back in for more family fun!  It's always interesting and always action packed - all week - every week - we'll be Miss-beehaven all week long!

Miss Bee!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year - 2010

It's a New Year!  So...without further adieu - I present to you a very lame, very generic, very without pictures new blog - Ain't Miss Beehaven!

Why "Ain't Miss Beehaven" you ask?  Because all my life my family has called me Bee - because I used to call myself Miss Bee - but could not get a blog name with Bee anything - so I made up Miss-Beehaven and when I got to the first page - I decided to put ain't in front.  So a couple of things about ain't:

My Mom despises this term - I did not do this to hurt you Mom, or embarrass you, I simply thought it would make this blog a little fun!

I am calling my blog Ain't Miss Beehaven because it's seemed fun and appropriate.  So there you have it - I ain't miss-behaven right now but I do sometimes - sometimes at a good party - or when my children act up!  I have also been known to pull a road rage and Mis-behave - but very infrequently!  But isn't that just part of living in Boston?  Don't all Bostonian's have road rage?   My other half drives in to the city every day and I've seen him in action!  Oh - wait my brother in law Leo drives into the city every day and he DOES not have road rage - but he's a rare breed!  He also did not grow up here!  He grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire - there is no traffic there!  I don't think he understands road rage!

So my goals for my blog this year are:

1.  Figure out how to do this and do it well.
2.  Attend my very first Blogher conference with my sister ( - Meg is very clever and full of artistic ability that I somehow inherited absolutely none of!  She's going to help me make this blog look pretty and cool!  Thank you Meg!
3.  Relearn HTML
4.  Drink more red wine!  Ha see - I'm already Miss-beehaven!

So here is my very first post - pictures and more to follow!