Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The next Bobby Orr

I am not usually a mother who brags - actually - Moms that talk about nothing but their kids drive me crazy!  Ask Meg - she'll tell you!

But I want to preserve this weekend in my memory forever - because this little boy works harder than any kid in all of Massachusetts!  Matt played defense the last 3 weeks because thats how it's done - 3 weeks D - 3 weeks offense - it's got to be fair - and Matt isn't too keen on playing D - he likes to score goals and he's not shy about telling you that!  But when the coach tells him to play D - he plays D - no questioning Coach.

This little guy had 2 hockey games this weekend and 3 practices - and guess what?  He scored a hat trick in both games - while playing defense!  He has heart like no other child of 7 I've ever seen!  He rushed the puck and stick handled that puck like nobody's business - and I promise I'm not lying!

Here he is celebrating a goal!

I am happy that he loves the game that much - sometimes I think he's obsessed - he really loves it - and it keeps him out of trouble - plus he's getting LOTS of exercise!  (he also LOVES the glory)

Thank you for letting a Mom brag - I promise not to do it often!

Ain't Miss Beehaven


  1. High Five to Matt, the Ultimate Hockey Player. He does love it so and is learning alot by playing the game. I cannot believe he scored a hat trick in both games....WOW!! Wish I'd seen the games. Congratulations to Matt and yes, Mom, you can be proud of your boy for his effort, his heart and his ability to follow directions - Methinks you've taught him well....congrats to you too!!! Yes, a Bobby Orr in the making - from our lips to God's ear. Love, mum

  2. Yo Yo- kudos to your little star! That's great. I'm glad he loves it so much. How are you doing- pain level ok? Looking forward to catching up. Go pound sand UP your ass, Sully. :)

  3. OMG, Auntie Meg needs to come to a game! Are you sure there's not a hockey puck beating in his chest?

  4. Future Bruins Star?
    I love it when kids find something to be passionate about at a young age.

  5. You have much to brag about! It's great that he has something he loves.

  6. He's turned into a Monster since this weekend! Must have been too much hockey!

    On a good note for those that inquired - I broke myself loose of the cast today - it was really just in my way at this point - it felt GREAT! The arm looks good and I can't wait to sleep on my left side tonight!

  7. Hi Bee,
    I am just catching up on your blog as I lost your address. I loved reading about Lil Matt and the Hockey. I remember Wally when he played Hockey in Maynard and I would go to those early in the morning games. Wally was a show man and did not get any goals but loved acting like he did. He still plays hockey on the lake in Hudson where he lives---it was a great foundation for him. Your Matt is quite accomplished and go ahead and brag---I like to hear about the kids accomplishments.
    Mrs Foley