Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Ms.Bee Christmas and other randoms from the abyss

Greetings Fellow Bloggers and Blogettes!  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is now resting comfortably with their feet up!  I am!

Ms.Bee's family had the Flu, the stomach flu, the sinus flu and the well every damn flu flu!  Ms.Bee spent $170 on tenderloin for the whole damn flu gang to enjoy - and 2 of the 7 didn't get to eat the tenderloin because they were too sick to eat!  Sure as Santa has Reindeer Ms.Bee got sick Christmas night but not before she got dinner on the table and enjoyed her $170.00 tenderloin! 

Jack came for his first visit to Ms.Bee's and he was a good boy - he pee'd a few times but that's normal for a little guy with a little weiner right? :)  Just kidding - he'll outgrown this nonsense trust Ms.Bee on that - she's had a couple of puppies in her day!  Here is Matt with Jack and Carson - Jack trying to share Carson's Christmas bone - Silly Dog - That bone is way too big for you!

Ms.Bee bought herself a few gifts for the holiday!

This velvet dress from JJill - I wore this Christmas day - very comfy!

These Dansko patent leather clogs - because Ms.Bee will be going back to work soon  - she needs something snazzy, comfortable and practical for the office in the winter time!

And check this out!

Ms.Meg gave this lovely robe to Ms.Bee for the holiday - can you see the Bee's?  Ms.Bee is buzzing around the house in her Bee robe as we speak!  This is the softest robe I have ever owned - thank you Ms.Meg and Thank you Frankie and Johnny for helping my sister have immpecable taste!

And lastly, Ms.Bee hopes all her Bloggers and Blogettes have a Happy New Year! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Sure hope Santa Claus is good to everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a wonderful life........

I'm an Angel in disguise - I want to have a glimpse into my life as if I've never been born! Oh wait - no - that's Jimmy Stewart - you know George in our all time Christmas classic............

Is it a wonderful life?  Ah - most of the time it is.  We have more than most - we have a nice home, warm clothing, good food - we get to do enough fun stuff to keep us all happy right?  Why are we never satisfied then?  I think I know why....

Because we've become a society of "gimmies" gimmie this gimmie that, gimmie gimmie gimmie - I want trips, I want designer cloths, I want I want - I see it everywhere and frankly it disgusts me - I like nice things too - I do - and usually when I buy something I try to buy good stuff - These are a few of my favorite things:

Dansko clogs
Egyptian cotton sheets
My Kitchen Aid Convection Oven
Stoli Vodka (or a reasonable facsimile)

You get the idea,

I do not own a Coach bag - I know I know - it's true!  I have owned designer purses before - but these days my kids are involved in so many expensive things I just don't feel I can justify it - and frankly I don't care! 

I was out getting a gift card today and saw the "Skull Candy" ear phones that I know my kids could use - but you what?  I put them back!  I said to myself "enough already" - they don't really need them that bad and if they do - well they can use their hard earned Christmas bucks for them!  We've bought and paid for enough!  I was in Target too where I saw a Grandmother buying a sled for a grandchild - the cashier asked her if she needed a gift receipt and the woman said no!  Tuff!  That's what she said and I laughed!  I then proceeded to tell the woman and the cashier that all these kids have too much stuff and I'm guilty overindulging my kids indeed - but I also feel I know when to stop - like when I run out of cash!  Yes that is another fact - I do not charge 1 thing at Christmas - we pay cold hard cash for everything!  And when the cashola is gone - well so are the presents! 

So - the Christmas cash machine it now on empty kids - what you get is what you get - but It is a Wonderful life you live - rejoice and give thanks!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted in 2 weeks!  Busy time of year!

Ron emailed me the other day and asked me where I've been?  Can you imagine - a total stranger who I know only in the blogging world emails me to ask me wudda up?  (just like that)  - what a guy that Ron is - the little woman is a lucky lady!  So here's a shout out to you Ron - you're a stand up guy for looking out for your blogging friends!  If you've never read Ron's blog - check him out - he's a wild and crazy guy - funny too! :)

So - lots of stuff going on - went to Virginia weekend before last to visit my sisters sister-in law - got that?  Good - we had a nice visit - my sisters niece is cool - she let me have her bed - it's more comfortable than my own - I got to sleep with this little guy too!

You don't know Jack!

It seems I have a way with dogs - I guess I just relate to them - we hold great conversations together - they always agree with me, don't talk back, just shake and nod their heads!  In my next life I'm coming back as a dog because I think I could really rock the dating world as a dog - me and my friend "The Zadge" would be rockin fun from Boston to Denver and back again!

In other news - I spent the day in the ER with my oldest yesterday....still aren't totally sure what's going on - he was put on steroids on Sunday for poison ivy - texted me from school Monday and said he couldn't pee!  We took him to the ER where they had to cath him!  You can only imagine what that was like for a 16 year old!  He was in alot of pain!  The first ER Dr told us his prostate was enlarged!  After a 5 hour dog and pony show at the ER the Urologist showed up and said "I'm not sure it's enlarged" - OK Dr's way to yank us around now - now how about we do some blood work to start????  Seriously I had to tell them to do blood work?   Let's just say Ms.Bee was SERIOUSLY pissed off (yes, Mom I know I'm using bad language again) - but I was PISSED off - and was 5 minutes away from signing the kid out and driving down the road to Boston!  My Pediatrician even encouraged me too!  She was PO'd too!  However we did like the Dr that finally showed up and he works out of our local hospital and Lahey Clinic - supposedly 1 of the top 100 hospitals????  I love Lahey Clinic I really do - as a family we've received some wonderful care there - my Dad was brought there when he was first diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis, My husband was brought there after he had a heart attack - he has received excellent care from the cardiologists there, but for the love of GOD making at appt there is not an easy task!  I guess because it's a teaching hospital!  The good Dr asked me to bring Pat there on Friday so he could see him and remove the cath - ok Dr no problem!  However it seems your staff wants to police you and because I can't get the same nice lady I talked to the first time I tried to book an appt - Lady #2 seems to think my son only needs to see the nurse - well I think if that were the case the good Dr would not have asked us to come to Lahey on Friday!  Well - long story short is I called back the good Dr's other office at our local hospital and just booked him in for today!  Hopefully we won't be turned away because I think then I might have to sign poor Pat into the psych ward!  He's been a trooper, and we've had a few laughs throughout the week - but the kid needs his life back - and he needs to get back to school!

This is turning into a LONG post huh?

In other news - only 8 more days till Christmas?  I think I am almost ready although the Christmas cards are not finished and sitting on my dining room table that isn't actually in a dining room because we have a "great" room or something like that!  On that note I think I should probably finish these cards and get them out the door!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Future home of the Lombardi Forum and other general news

There's a storm brewing in my yard......................this is going to be the future home of the "Lombardi Forum" - or "The Gahden" as we like to call it in these parts - someone - cough cough - thought we should have an ice rink/hockey rink/basketball court since our driveway is a slant of useless space..........Bob the Builder worked hard with his machine out here on Sunday and again today.............Bob found about 2 ton more rock than we need but he's offered to haul away what we don't use and said he could "incorporate some into the landscape" - great - let's build another rock GAHden!

Bob is a super nice guy who is a friend of ours we met through hockey - thank GOD for Bob - well maybe not come to think of it?  If it wern't for Bob we would not being looking at this because Ms.Bee would not have agreed to spend the $ it would really cost to do this - but Bob being Bob - well lets just say it's a bargain and half! 

I foresee a penelty box in the future out here! 

Hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving - we went to Meg's house where everything was excellent - left feeling like I needed a tummy lift!  By the way Mom - that pumpkin cheesecake was DE-licious! 

So - Christmas is coming in case you haven't heard.............between the 24/7 Christmas music being played of 1/2 the radio stations in Boston you'd think we've never celebrate Christmas before!  Easy does it people - give us a little rock n'roll in between huh?  I've spent some time in the car interviewing the last couple of weeks - getting psyched up for job interviews is hard enough - but it' doesn't help when turn on the radio and hear this!!  For the love of God people - it is not pleasant in the morning driving along drinking your coffee trying to get in the zone and hear this!

PS - why can't I resize this?  Can someone please tell me????