Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Future home of the Lombardi Forum and other general news

There's a storm brewing in my yard......................this is going to be the future home of the "Lombardi Forum" - or "The Gahden" as we like to call it in these parts - someone - cough cough - thought we should have an ice rink/hockey rink/basketball court since our driveway is a slant of useless space..........Bob the Builder worked hard with his machine out here on Sunday and again today.............Bob found about 2 ton more rock than we need but he's offered to haul away what we don't use and said he could "incorporate some into the landscape" - great - let's build another rock GAHden!

Bob is a super nice guy who is a friend of ours we met through hockey - thank GOD for Bob - well maybe not come to think of it?  If it wern't for Bob we would not being looking at this because Ms.Bee would not have agreed to spend the $ it would really cost to do this - but Bob being Bob - well lets just say it's a bargain and half! 

I foresee a penelty box in the future out here! 

Hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving - we went to Meg's house where everything was excellent - left feeling like I needed a tummy lift!  By the way Mom - that pumpkin cheesecake was DE-licious! 

So - Christmas is coming in case you haven't heard.............between the 24/7 Christmas music being played of 1/2 the radio stations in Boston you'd think we've never celebrate Christmas before!  Easy does it people - give us a little rock n'roll in between huh?  I've spent some time in the car interviewing the last couple of weeks - getting psyched up for job interviews is hard enough - but it' doesn't help when turn on the radio and hear this!!  For the love of God people - it is not pleasant in the morning driving along drinking your coffee trying to get in the zone and hear this!

PS - why can't I resize this?  Can someone please tell me????


  1. Cool project!!! I'm sure your whiz-kid sister can help you with the resizing - you have to go into the html and change the numbers to fit in your column.

  2. Wow! What an undertaking! Bob sounds like a good guy to know! Hopefully Matt will have some cold icemaking weather so he can strap his skates on!

    PS - when you copy the code from You Tube, paste it in your blogger window or a word doc. Then
    edit the height and width to fit your blog style, probably about 450 px!

  3. Ice rink?? Like, in your yard?? Oh man.

    If we move to DC, I'm gonna have to buy socks, I just know it.

    My word is petranch,I could totally do a pet ranch!

  4. You're building the boys an ice rink? You just won the Mother Of The Year award!!

    Be prepared for large numbers of boys hanging out in your yard this winter!

  5. An ice rink in your yard?
    Are you messing with us?

  6. Ladies - I assure you I am not messing with you - and am prepared to large numbers of boys in the yard - the good thing about that it that you know where they are!

    This rink will be an ice rink this winter and then hopefully sometime next year we can pave or cement - thats a cookie jar fund!

    But yes - we will be skating out there so come on by if you're ever in the area for a skate!

  7. You will need to shop for the BJ's Giant Tub of Hot Chocolate Mix.

    Charge 25 cents a cup and put the $$ in the paving fund.

  8. I claim all arrowheads if Bob finds any.

  9. Hi Bee,
    i just found your blog once again. i lost a lot of Data since I came to Florida where it is Freezing. I love the idea of a Rink in your backyard---will you skate on it?
    I would if I was there.
    I just read about your friend Terri---is this little Terry Kangas---OMG--she looks like Sally.
    Mrs F.