Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - The nothing edition

Happy Thursday People!

Ms.Bee has nothing to write about today............however she has some thoughts.............does that count?

Ms.Bee thinks she needs a vacation - Jamaica is coming up - Yeah Mon!  I got some GREAT deals yesterday on some summer wear! 

Ms.Bee thinks her husband is working far too hard these days...............Ghana is on the list of upcoming trips - really?  Ghana?   Why not Paris?  Australia, Lisbon, Prague, Barcelona?  Really Ghana?  Talk to me when one of the many fine European cities come up ok Joe?  Not that Ms.Bee is against seeing Africa and all it has to offer - I would love to some day - however Europe is still on the top of my list!

Ms.Bee made spaghetti sauce today for a hundred (or at least if felt like that) - 7 cans of tomato's - 30 meatballs - I haven't cooked the sausage yet and I found some thin cut beef for the braciole - 3 lasanga's on the plate for tomorrow - but that's after I take myself to the spa for a facial and a pedicure!  That is my anniversary treat - 22 years tomorrow!

Happy Anniversary Joe! :)  Still love you after all these years!  (most of the time!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Musings and other random thoughts from the Abyss

So I was thumbing through the Bass Pro Shop catalog the other day - because obviously I do not have enough to do to keep me busy...............I came across this little item:

I'm sorry but this thing does not look like a duck blind to me - it looks more like a casket - a redneck casket at that!  This is called the "Final approach eliminator" - how apropos don't you think?  What the hell do you do in it - lie down and shoot to the sky???   I also would like to know why there is special soap, bottles of deer urine, special clothing, thermal underwear etc etc for the great white hunters???  The Native Indians certainly did not have all this stuff to hunt!

In the news this week - Lindsey Lohan went back to jail - got out of jail and is now going to rehab!  It's like groundhog day over and over again!  Stop the ferris wheel and let that girl off!

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night - that poor Michael Bolton - he really took a beating from the judges - he definitely cannot dance - I think he will be the next to go.  The Situation is next - he can't dance either - he just looks the part.  Surprising people to me, Florence Henderson - did really well for a 76 year old lady - and Bristol Palin - she at least doesn't have her Mothers mouth!  Sarah has that whiny bitch voice that is so fake it makes me think I would willing shoot her!

Oh and have you seen the latest show that TLC is putting out?  Sister Wives - it's about a polygamist family - yeah I'll bet that makes for fascinating TV!  This family has been making the rounds promoting their show - all I can think is "that's F'd up!" Period!

If you plan on vacationing in a warm climate this winter - I'm getting some great deals on summer wear for my upcoming Jamaican vacation!  Yeah mon! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday Thursday - The Help Wanted Edition

So............Ms.Bee occasionaly scours the help wanted ads on several job boards in case anything extremely interesting, flexible, terrific and earth shattering comes along that I might be interested in.  Today I came across a very interesting ad that I would like to share with you.

Would you like to support a growing business and play a key role in bringing transformation and healing to families?

Would you like to be part of a team that acknowledges your gifts and calls forth the very best of who you are?

If you answered, “Yes!” or you know someone who would answer “Yes!” please read on… I’m looking for an Office Manager/Personal Assistant to help me take my business to the next level!

• Love Systems, Organization, Administrative Tasks, Projects and Manuals
• Think outside the box
• Are technologically savvy: (word, power point, photoshop, etc.)
• Find it easy to navigate your way through social media
• Take initiative and aren’t afraid to ask questions
• Enjoy helping others
• Are an excellent communicator
• Love solving problems
• Pay attention to details
• Believe in going the extra mile
• Are committed to personal growth

I’m looking for a team player who: Has fun while working, but takes the work seriously; Can keep track of several things at once without getting overwhelmed and yet is willing to ask for help if needed; Can take something I want to accomplish and help me figure out the steps to get there.

Some of your responsibilities will include:
• Scheduling appointments
• Client payment processing and follow-up
• Phone + email communications
• Document creation
• Minimal audio transcription
• Ezine distribution
• Inputting blog, podcasts
• Setting up webforms, autoresponders
• Updating Systems + Procedures Manual
• Running errands
• Home/office upkeep
• Assisting at live events

Office Hours M, W, F 9:45am – 1:30pm
$10/ hr

This position may be for you if you are still reading and if you follow this next request. It is step NUMBER ONE of the interview process. Please email me a PERSONAL LETTER only. You can send it as an attachment (in Word only) or in the body of the email. If you are interested in the position, in the subject line please write “Office Manager-Your First & Last Name”

Please DO NOT EMAIL YOUR RESUME at this point. Yes, you read correctly, do not send your resume at this point.

Please WRITE A SHORT PERSONAL LETTER that includes the answers to the following:

1. What are the benefits you would bring to this position? – i.e. The skills &/or qualities that are your strongest (3 or 4 would suffice.)

2. What wonderful things have people said about you (in a work or other environment) (This is no time to be bashful!)

3. Why you are attracted to this position. (Again, no time to be shy - be honest.)

4. Your cell phone #.

Your email/ letter should simply state (with the above suggested guidelines) why you would be an excellent addition to our winning team and why you’re excited about what you know of this opportunity. Please, no stock letters to “Dear HR Director” – they will be deleted and you won’t be considered. I am hiring immediately! You will hear from me (via phone and/or email) within a few days.


***DO NOT SEND YOUR RESUME now otherwise you're email will be deleted***

*** “Office Manager - Your First & Last Name” must be in the subject line exactly as written (but with your actual name) if you want to be considered.
  • Location: xxxxxxx  (FANTASY LAND)
  • Compensation: $10/hr starting rate-with opportunity for growth
  • This is a part-time job.

$10.00 per hour?  IS THIS PERSON "F"ING INSANE?????????????  How about you put the crack pipe down and get yourself sober you FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
These are the kind of people that never find the right person because they WANT too much and expect people to work for nothing!  Yeah I'll do all this and more for you - FREAK! 
I'm still laughing...............I laughed so hard I responded to THIS FREAK and told them they WERE A FREAK! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  I felt so much better after I did that!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - The Birthday/domestic issue edition

Greetings Folks!  Happy Thursday!  Almost Friday!

Today is September 16th - my baby Matthew's Birthday!  Matthew is a big 8 years old today - I can tell you quickly that is was a hell of a day 8 years ago - I was induced into labor because of high blood pressure - spent the reminder of the day in labor and throwing up in between - at 10:30PM the Dr said enough and took me to the surgical suite for a little c-section - all whilst still throwing up - I have always said Matthew came into this world with his Mother's head in a puke bucket!  But enough about that - Happy 8th Birthday my little baby!  You are growing up so fast - you asked for a new bike  - you asked and you shall receive Daddy says - whatever his boys want!  I guess Daddy and you are going hunting huh?  Please don't bring home any Bambi's for my yard - I do not like Venison or green eggs and ham!  Mom I am!

Last night Carson the beast dog threw up - again - he's been having a little trouble lately - kinda like something gets stuck in his throat - he coughs and up comes the dinner - so my tired husband decided to get a towel and pick it up?  BUT WAIT..............a towel?  Not a PAPER towel or 10?  A towel - and not just any towel - but a hand towel that actually belongs in the bathroom and is one of my better ones!  HELLO?????????????  Do you NOT understand that those towels are for looks and maybe a hand wipe or 2?  NOT TO PICK UP DOG PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And then leave it in the kitchen sink/disposal side of the sink for me to clean up?????  AGAIN  - HELLO - MCFLY - are you there?  Because if you are, DO NOT use my good towels (or any towel for that matter) to pick up dog puke - that's what the paper towels are for - and that is why I buy them in bulk 12 rolls at a time!  THE END!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I can't help myself Friday - The Tom Brady Accident Edition

Greetings Fellow Bloggers,

While Meg is away vacationing in Wine Country and staying in some VERY nice accomodations I might add, I am "borrowing" her I can't help myself Friday!

Yesterday morning - My Tommy - AKA Tom Brady New England Patriots quarterback, was involved in an accident in Boston.  My Tommy was not hurt - however the other idiot who ran the red light was injured and I believe is ungoing surgery today to fix his face - you should see his driving record!  Let's just say it's less than steller!

But the real reason for my ramblings today really are about the media - or the vultures as I like to call them!  This story was "BREAKING" news all damn day long!  "Tom Brady involved in accident" "Tom Brady taken to Brigham and Womans" Tom Brady NOT taken to Brigham and Womans" "Tom Brady on his way to Gillete Stadium" "Tom Brady will report to practice" and ON AND ON it went all fricking day long!  It really was almost comical at dinner time when they were still running this on the front story of the day!  And then when they finally played this for as long as they could - the vultures started reporting that My Tommy had signed a new deal! 

I really could not take it anymore when they were still playing this at 9:00PM last night - so I decided to look at my camera and see what I had shot the last week or so - I noted to myself that I did not get a picture of Matt's 1st day of second grade - but I did snap this little gem!  He really makes me laugh some days!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday and Random thoughts from the melting pot called New England

Greeting and Happy Pre Labor Day weekend!

It's been SO DAMN hot here this week I have not been able to think straight - every time I step outside I become a sweaty swamp ass mess!  Then I go home and it takes me an hour and a half to cool off and I turn the AC down to 68 thinking somehow it will take less time for me to cool down!  It doesn't work and all it does it tax my AC system that is already working overtime!

So what's everyone doing this weekend?  Me, I'm just hanging around waiting for Hurricane Earl to make way tomorrow night - hopefully it will be mild and just some wind and rain!  Other than that we have some hockey practice going on and maybe just a cookout or something like that!

So I have a few thoughts from the week...........

How can an 8 year old be such a pain in the ass?  And I'm not talking about my kid!  There is 1 little kid in our part of the woods that Matthew is friends with but EVERY single time they play together he has to out do Matt at something - I AM so sick of him!  It's becoming increasing difficult to be nice to this kid! 

I bought my regular dog food today at Petco - It's gone up $2.00 this week!!  WTF - that's $34.00 for a 15 pound bag - times twice a month! 

Why did Dancing with the Stars have to pick Bristol Palin and Mike The Situation?  How low can they go?

And finally - how clean is your house?  If you have children you know how difficult it is to keep up with the crap that everyone drops daily! 

I'll leave you with a final thought - last night - SOMEONE came home from work and wasn't feeling so well - when SOMEONE hopped into bed they said "why is the house such a mess, what do you do all day" I said "REALLY?"

So I got up and went out to the family room and took pictures of all the crap laying around - low and behold guess what?  65 percent of it belongs to SOMEONE!  Then I contemplated going outside with the ketchup and writing SOMEONE a few choice notes on the windows of SOMEONE'S car - BUT - I took the Elin Nordgren high road and didn't do it!  I'm thinking of dressing in vintage June Cleaver tonight when SOMEONE comes home from work - which outfit do you prefer?