Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Musings and other random thoughts from the Abyss

So I was thumbing through the Bass Pro Shop catalog the other day - because obviously I do not have enough to do to keep me busy...............I came across this little item:

I'm sorry but this thing does not look like a duck blind to me - it looks more like a casket - a redneck casket at that!  This is called the "Final approach eliminator" - how apropos don't you think?  What the hell do you do in it - lie down and shoot to the sky???   I also would like to know why there is special soap, bottles of deer urine, special clothing, thermal underwear etc etc for the great white hunters???  The Native Indians certainly did not have all this stuff to hunt!

In the news this week - Lindsey Lohan went back to jail - got out of jail and is now going to rehab!  It's like groundhog day over and over again!  Stop the ferris wheel and let that girl off!

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night - that poor Michael Bolton - he really took a beating from the judges - he definitely cannot dance - I think he will be the next to go.  The Situation is next - he can't dance either - he just looks the part.  Surprising people to me, Florence Henderson - did really well for a 76 year old lady - and Bristol Palin - she at least doesn't have her Mothers mouth!  Sarah has that whiny bitch voice that is so fake it makes me think I would willing shoot her!

Oh and have you seen the latest show that TLC is putting out?  Sister Wives - it's about a polygamist family - yeah I'll bet that makes for fascinating TV!  This family has been making the rounds promoting their show - all I can think is "that's F'd up!" Period!

If you plan on vacationing in a warm climate this winter - I'm getting some great deals on summer wear for my upcoming Jamaican vacation!  Yeah mon! :)


  1. Are you going to hit the nude beach in Jamaica like a young Zadge once did?!

  2. Doesn't Dancing With the Stars suck you in? And who would have thought Mr Soul, Michael Bolton completely lacks a rhythm gene?

  3. You're going to Jamaica?? Color me envious. That would be green, right?

    Have a wonderful time and beware the rum punch.