Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - The nothing edition

Happy Thursday People!

Ms.Bee has nothing to write about today............however she has some thoughts.............does that count?

Ms.Bee thinks she needs a vacation - Jamaica is coming up - Yeah Mon!  I got some GREAT deals yesterday on some summer wear! 

Ms.Bee thinks her husband is working far too hard these days...............Ghana is on the list of upcoming trips - really?  Ghana?   Why not Paris?  Australia, Lisbon, Prague, Barcelona?  Really Ghana?  Talk to me when one of the many fine European cities come up ok Joe?  Not that Ms.Bee is against seeing Africa and all it has to offer - I would love to some day - however Europe is still on the top of my list!

Ms.Bee made spaghetti sauce today for a hundred (or at least if felt like that) - 7 cans of tomato's - 30 meatballs - I haven't cooked the sausage yet and I found some thin cut beef for the braciole - 3 lasanga's on the plate for tomorrow - but that's after I take myself to the spa for a facial and a pedicure!  That is my anniversary treat - 22 years tomorrow!

Happy Anniversary Joe! :)  Still love you after all these years!  (most of the time!)


  1. How many husbands do you have with all that food?! Can you overnight the leftovers to Denver? Happy anniversary!

  2. Haha - The Zadge ALWAYS makes me laugh! I am no Warren Jeffs - polygamy ain't my thang! I have enough on my plate with one man!

    I am having the hockey people over for a little party on Saturday - as you know hockey guys like to eat! :)

    I am not sure how well lasanga would hold up on a car ride never mind an overnight to Denver but if you ever get this way I promise to make you a pan! :) I learned from my MIL - so if I do say so myself I make a pretty darn good lasanga!

  3. Happy, Happy - and yes, after 22 years, you both deserve a round of applause - this is a rarity today - did Dad and I set a good example? I'd like to think we did. Pat yourselves on the respective backs!!! Love, M.

  4. Happy anniversary little sister! If we combine the number of years we each have been married, it equals 45 - good work!

    PS - and fun fact blog readers, Bridget and Joe caught the bouquet and garter at my wedding the year before - Kismet, right?

  5. Happy anniversary!

    Tell me you're not going to Jamaica during hurricane season? I'll be so worried about you. I'm kind of a hurricane nerd (only during hurricane season).

    Mmmm Lasagna.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    You have two growing boys. I'm surprised you don't cook that much food every week!

    Has the 16 yr old gone through the stage of "not enough food to fill the boy"? Mine used to down 3 bananas at a time.

  7. Happy anniversary. I need a vacation too.