Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My furniture and random useless thoughts

What a gorgeous New England day - It looks like fall outside, it's at least 75 degrees and HUMID!  As I've said a thousand times - Ms.Bee DOES NOT LIKE the humidity!  Got it?  Good - I'll be saying it again and again as long as I live in a humid climate!

The sun has faded behind some clouds but look how pretty it is out there - this little pot of fun is set up out front near the driveway..........I love it!  Do you see the goose neck squash?  Interesting creature isn't it?  I just love all the varieties of squash and gourds out these days!  See all the leaves too?  Mr.Teenager will be helping The Man's man rake these this fall - there are lots of leaves around!

This is the maple tree in my front yard:

And these are across the street:

All just at peak colors - beautiful!

Now on to more exciting stuff!  My new furniture:

It's a welcome change from the old plaid stuff - and thank you Mom for helping us pay it off!  I think Mom was sick of me talking about it and not having it in house!  See Ms.Bee put it on layaway - because Ms.Bee learned a long time ago that if she pays for big ticket items that she doesn't need but wants - on credit cards - hmmmm - well they just don't get paid off quickly enough - interest and finance charges are evil!  So thanks for the bucks to help out Mom!

And finally - I wanted to show you my "blackboard" - because my friend The Zadge always writes these poetic sayings on her blackboard - and mine - well - it's kind of embarassing - go ahead see for yourself:

As you can see, mine is a catch all for various calendars, invites, pictures etc - it's a magnetic board as well and it serves us well - I wrote my first message in a long time because I ran out of chaulk - the kids came in from school and asked what the funny farm was!  I said "well children - it's a place where parents go to rest"!

My Dad always used to say Dropkick Murphy's was the Funny Farm!  It was a detox center -  Jackie Gleason used to go to it when he needed to dry out.  It was in the next town over from us in Acton, MA.  My Dad said he always knew when Jackie was there because he'd call a local restaurant that my Dad worked in at night and order 2 Antipasto's to be delivered!  Just a little trivia for you all!  It's where the band "The Dropkick Murphy's" took their name from - really! 

Back to the Funny Farm - enjoy your day!  Or what's left of it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - The Nitwit edition

Nit*wit -noun - a slow witted, stupid or foolish person:


Recognize this nitwit?  Yes that's Ginni Thomas - wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - remember Clarence?   Apparently, Ginni made a phone call to Anita Hill the other day asking for an apology 19 years after she testified that Clarence made inappropriate sexual advances towards her - and old Ginni here thinks maybe after 19 years she'd like an apology!  "Do some prayin, Anita and thank you?" Can you say off your rocker????

I don't know maybe it's me - but I'm thinking that maybe Clarence should call Anita and apologize?  Hmm....maybe it's just me!

Stay tuned in the coming days for new pictures of Ms.Bee's new furniture! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - The Divorce Edition

Relax - Ms.Bee is not getting divorced - not this week anyway! :)

There seems to be much abuzz this week with lots of divorce talk though...........Let's take David Arquette and Courtney Cox shall we?

Old Dave went on Howard Stern this week and spilt the milk so to speak - so I think it's safe to say this ones a gonner!  Que sera sera is what I think Court is saying - along with "what the hell have I been thinking all these years!"  Personally men in plaid pants don't excite me!  Dork!

Ah yes - next on the list - Christina Aquilera............hi ho hi ho - it's off to work I go...........with bleach blonde hair and fishnet hose - hi ho.......ho ho ho..........

Next up Kendra Wilkerson - EXACTLY who is Kendra Wilkerson - she's married to Hank Bassett - I think he's in the NFL and I am really not sure what she does - really!

All this crap - makes me want to:

Friday, October 8, 2010

I do declare

Today I am going to cleanse my soul, my being, my self!  I am going to say what exactly is on my mind - no holding back - ready?

I CAN NOT stand parents who think their kids are perfect - probably because we have one in my neck of the woods and frankly both the parents and the kid are a pain in everyone's ASS!

I cannot look at Sarah Palin on TV without getting a pain in my stomach - and really question why anyone would even give her a second thought!

I am getting increasing annoyed with my cell phone company (VW) - every month it seems to be more and more - now you have to have expensive data plans etc etc.........of course the teenager is always angling for the latest and greatest...........it's annoying!  Same goes for the cable company!

The Police in my town are a little mentally challenged I think - I asked them to do some extra patrols because folks are flying up our hill - they came out and sat right where every car could see them instead of sitting at the top where they reach maximum speed!  Duh!

My husband has CRS - can't remember shit - that's all I can say about that!

I am committed to my gym and feeling really good - that is cleansing right?  My rings are loose and my clothing is loose - motivation - yeah!

Happy weekend!