Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - The Nitwit edition

Nit*wit -noun - a slow witted, stupid or foolish person:


Recognize this nitwit?  Yes that's Ginni Thomas - wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - remember Clarence?   Apparently, Ginni made a phone call to Anita Hill the other day asking for an apology 19 years after she testified that Clarence made inappropriate sexual advances towards her - and old Ginni here thinks maybe after 19 years she'd like an apology!  "Do some prayin, Anita and thank you?" Can you say off your rocker????

I don't know maybe it's me - but I'm thinking that maybe Clarence should call Anita and apologize?  Hmm....maybe it's just me!

Stay tuned in the coming days for new pictures of Ms.Bee's new furniture! 


  1. Hilarious - Both the picture and "Ginni." What is she thinking - is it perhaps "Drink and Dial" and who did she think was going to answer at 7:30 am? She and Clarence apparently have an agenda - He can't seem to say a word ever (and I thought Supreme Court Justices were supposed to give opinions) and she can't keep quiet!!!

  2. Is that you Mom? Haha - yeah - drinking and dialing very eary eh? I hope at least it was a Bloody Mary or Screwdriver! Drinking and dialing is never a good thing!

  3. Maybe she was drinking a diet coke with one of his pubes in it.

  4. After 19 years one should assume that there will be no apology coming.

  5. If nothing else, it's just bad form for the wife of an alleged sexual harasser perp to reach out to the alleged sexually harassed and ask for an apology. Come on, no one really knows if he grabbed her butt anyway. It was all he said/she said testimony ranging anywhere from he accidentally swung his arm into her alleged very small boob in the file banks to he went with deliberate intent to squeeze the alleged royal tomatoes. Actually, one would question whether the subsequent 19 year old vindication call was alcohol related. Frankly, I'm like, I don't care. I've moved on. I'm over it.