Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do you believe in miracles?

Well if you do you've come to the right blog today!  I believe in miracles - I watched this guy above in 1980 and he stole my heart!  Talk about having heart!

OK I admit it - I love hockey!  I've loved the game since I was a little girl and Bobby Orr stole my heart!  Yes - I fell in love at age 7!  He was a close second to my Dad!  Bobby if you're reading this - I still love you!  You're still as cute today as you were 1972 when you helped bring "The Cup" to Boston!

I remember my sister with her cat eye glasses and her Derek Sanderson tee shirt - I remember my Nana bringing us Bruins souvenirs because she was a housekeeper for a Bruins big wig and I think she got the loot from him!  We'd all gather in front of the TV to watch the "Big, Bad Bruins" fight it out on Sunday afternoons!  The fun we had!  Good times, good memories!

Today the USA faces Canada for the Gold - It's going to be an exciting game - It's going to be a fast paced, in your face kinda hockey!  They'll be lots of yelling from this part of the country - because the Man's Man likes to yell at the TV!  Me - I've got some delectable delights ready for the game and a little booze too - because really what's hockey without booze?

GO USA - Bring home the GOLD!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Man's Man

Today I'd like to talk about the Man's Man - commonly known around here as Joe.

I don't say a whole lot about Joe because he's a pretty private person - he doesn't like the whole world to know his business - but for today we're gonna peak inside Joe's world just a little bit - because I can - and I want to. It's my prerogative.........and I'm not Bobby Brown.

Joe and I have been together almost 30 years. Yes, it's true - we have been dating since I was 16 years old and married 22 years this year. We're old!

My Mom once told me when I was mad at Joe that you can always tell a man by the way he treats his parents. Joe's parents both passed away relatively young at 71 and 69 respectively. He was always there for them and wonderful to both of them through all their health issues. Score 1 for Joe.

Joe decided when the kids were really young that he wanted to go back to school and learn to be a Network Engineer. Joe went to school 2 nights a week and all day Saturday for a year. He passed the class but then had to take 6 or 7 really hard tests to get his Microsoft certification - he talked to lots of folks who bailed on this after 2 tests - or never even completed the schooling because it was too hard - not Joe - he finished the course - passed ALL the tests and became a certified Microsoft Network Engineer - got himself a new job - traded up for another - got layed off - had a heart attack (yes he really did on Fathers day - the day before he was to start a new job) - almost died - didn't. Thankfully he survived and has worked for the same company since. Since that day 7 years ago - we have had alot of ups and downs both personally and professionaly - but we are still together so something must work! Score 1 for Joe.

Recently Joe was promoted from Director of IT to something more - we're not sure what the more really is yet - but basically Joe is in charge of the entire IT department worldwide. It's a pretty big deal even though I don't let him think I'm impressed - don't want to make him think he's too much of a big wheel you know! Score 1 for Joe

Just for today (and only today - after today it's back to cracking the whip) I would like to pay homage to Joe - because he's worked really hard to be the best he can. He NEVER accepts less than 110 percent from himself. Score 1 for Joe

Joe is always challenging himself to do more - be better etc. Last summer he rode a 2 day - 150 mile bike ride to raise money for MS - my Mother inlaw suffered from MS and has been gone now for 15 years - but Joe never forgets - and has always wanted to do something to honor her memory - he finally did - and I think he really enjoyed every mile of that ride! Score 2 for Joe because that was 75 miles each day!

He was a great son inlaw to my Dad (Mom too) always helping both of them, or would just sit and have a drink with my Dad - they enjoyed each others company and I am so grateful to him for being so good to my Dad. They had a special bond. Score 1 for Joe.

Joe is also a very good Dad - my boys never had to worry about Dad coming home or being around on the weekends - when he's not working he dedicates his time to the boys! Score 1 for Joe.

He's a pretty good husband too - most of the time! Except when I don't get my own way! Score 1 for Joe.

Total score for Joe 9.5 - .5 is a bonus 1/2 point because I love him - if he takes me to Europe for our 25th - I'll give him a perfect 10!

Love you Joe - congrats on the new job - I AM very proud of you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

February vacation

Well today is Friday and I have made it through my first big vacation week without having a meltdown or really yelling at anyone! Amazing!

I am SO happy to be home and have a rest - I didn't realize how much life that job was sucking out of me - but I do now - and I am THANKFUL that I am no longer working! Is that wrong? I feel like somehow I should not be so happy? But I am! I have been so busy all week shuffling Matthew back and forth to play dates - hosting play dates here - attending many hockey games and playing taxi service to Pat, that I have not had time to think - plus I folded 3 loads of laundry yesterday - an all time record - just ask the Man's Man!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be ramping up the blogging next week with the kids back in school!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One word challenge from Little Miss Sunshine State

I received this special award from

Little Miss Sunshine State last week!

Thank you LMSS for bestowing this special award upon me!

Cell phone? Samsung

Hair? highlighted

Mother? giving

Father? Missed

Favorite Food? Cheese

Dream last night? strange

Drink? water

Dream/Goal? happiness

Room you are in? family

Hobby? blogging

Fear? Snakes

Where do you see yourself in 6 years? happy

Something you are not? serious

Favorite Muffins? tripleberry

Wish list item? europe

Where did you grow up? MA

What is the last thing you ate? crackers

What are you wearing? Sweatshirt

Favorite TV Show? Office

Pets? Carson

Friends? many

Your life? Changing

Your mood? happy

Facebook? Yes

Favorite place to eat? Mother Anna's

Missing Someone? Dad

Your vehicle? pilot

What you aren't wearing? Shoes

Favorite Store? Kohls

Favorite Color? Green

Last time you laughed? yesterday

Last time you cried? Sunday

Best friend? my sister

Place you go to over and over? grocery

Now if I may and I hope they don't mind - I will like to forward this award to:

Blue Skies and Yellow Dogs and

Dawn in Austin

Hope you girls will play along and amuse us!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl - The stomach bug sucks and other rantings

Miss Bee has been out of touch this week and she is missing her blogging buds!

Super Bowl Sunday started out with some fresh homemade lasanga, meatballs, chicken sausage - all of which was happily devoured by the troops - a couple of guys in the neighboorhood made their way down for a few brews with the Man's Man and all was right in Whoville - UNTIL - (insert theme from dragnet here)

Matt started the barfing about 11:00 PM - Matt barfed in his bed, our bed, and everywhere in between!  Poor Matt - he suffered for a couple of days but started to perk up on Tuesday about O dark hundred - (5:00 PM local time) - just about the time Miss Bee had finished her 10th load of laundry after not having any hot water all weekend (that's a whole different story).

Then the stomach bug from hell struck - AGAIN!  Miss Bee's turn!  Oh what a turn it t'was is all I will share - I thought I was going for a trip in the white and red buggy a couple of times! I was so dehydrated that I am still sipping gatorade on Friday instead of thinking about cocktail hour!   Fridays are reserved for happy hour and I am still sipping gatorade - something is wrong with this picture!

But truth be told would much rather be sipping some of this:

Did everyone hear about the BIG HUGE BLIZZARD we got here in Boston on Wednesday?  A whole 1 inch of snow!  They cancelled just about everything that they could - and we got 1 inch!  Yup - I wish I could get a job as a weather gal - the weather has always interested me - I could predict BIG Nor'easters and get paid!  What a gig!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin can't get enough of herself

Let's talk about Sarah today - just for a moment close your eyes and picture this woman as our Commander in Chief!  Then open your eyes and be glad it was just a bad dream.  Seriously is all of America stupid?  Here is Sarah on the cover of Vogue - EW is all I can say and love the hair Sarah - NOT!  Kinda hard to take her serious with her clevage out there for all of America to see!  You Maverick you!

Sarah was out and about this weekend at the "Tea Party" convention giving a speech.  It makes me  physically ill to think that this woman gets any face time in this "great country of ours" - it scares me to think there are so many dumb people running around who actually support her.   Here is a picture of some notes she brought along.  WOW! is all I can say.  I think she'd make a decent hand model.

While you're having your coffee this morning - ponder this:  Do you really think this woman should be on the 2012 Presidential ticket?  If she gets the nod I'm moving to....ah....another country - I'll get back to you on which one later!  Sarah PLEASE stay up in "that great state of Alaska" where you can have helicopters chase caribou for you to shoot.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady? I DON'T THINK SO..........

So this was the headline in yesterday's Boston Globe:

Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady - by Dan (I'm an ass) Shaughnessy

So it seems Dan Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe thinks Peyton is better than my Tommy.  Clue #1 Dan - has Peyton won 3 Superbowls - Answer = NO!  - Pure and simple - numbers don't lie!

Where the F do you get off?  Dan - I used to like you - but that was the final straw - Tom Brady had NO line this year at all - defensive wise or offensive wise - he just came back from massive knee surgery - you DAN are a scum bag! 


I am not going to spit statistics at you Dan - I'm just gonna say that as a Boston sports writer when someone from your home town that you grew up in (cough cough Groton MA) asks you to help out in a small way with getting a youth football program off the ground - it would be wise for the reputation to help out as best you can - but we know you were too busy in the city of Newton where you live now!

Thanks Dan for your words of wisdom - The Tom/Peyton showdown continues - and you my friend are clueless as usual!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ain't Miss-Beehaven has a new job!

Good Morning - haven't had much to write about since my new love came into my life - I haven't had a chance to make much more than pizza dough either because I had a sick son and sick son gave sore throat to Mom who hasn't felt all that well!

But starting today (because I sat around all day yesterday taking a break) things are about to change 'round here!  Miss Bee got layed off the other day - and she could NOT be happier!  Of course timing is everything and the Man's Man got a big promo last week when his boss was let go - so that makes more room for me to wiggle - ah cook - and just play Mom for a bit!  I can stay home for a bit and cook to my hearts content!  Just me and my mixer!  Maybe if my foot behaves (because IT mis-behaves ALOT) I can get out walking with my good friend Deb again (Hi Deb - feel free to comment!) and get some exercise - which doesn't happen when you work 9 hour days and have 2 kids looking for food the minute you walk in the door at night! 

Miss Bee is tired of coming home to this: 

And this:  (notice the Boston Bruins sleeping bag hanging over the dining chairs - lovely look, if you live in a college dorm!

I spent a good deal of time yesterday thinking about what I want - and honestly I want to help my little guy with his homework and not feel stressed about it - I want to cook something healthy for my boys at night and not be microwaving hot pockets!  I want to watch my now 6'1" boy play varsity Lacrosse this spring because darn it I spent alot of time the last 2 years making Lacrosse happen in this town - and I think thats the least I deserve!  Plus he makes his Mom so proud - I love you "Air Lombardi" :)  He is going to be through high school in 2 years and I want to spend time with him - he's almost out of the nest!  Plus at this age these kids need supervision you know!  More than ever!

But most of all I don't want to come home to a mountain of laundry every single night of my life!  And that's what we've been reduced too since I started working these long days!   I think I've been blessed at just the right time to make some moves so that the family can operate on a more even keel - now don't get me wrong - I am not June Cleaver but there are alot of things that aren't getting done here and that is about to change!

So starting today I've hired myself to work at home!  It doesn't pay very well but the rewards will be so worth it!  I will get to help the little guy Matt with his homework - which by the way the 1st grader seems to have more that the 10th grader - what's wrong with that?  I will get to watch Pat, who is now officially taller that his dad - play Lacrosse this spring - GO HAWKS!  I love to watch these games - all the kids make me so proud - it was so worth the 2 years of fundraising $30,000 to get the program off the ground!  

Unless they behave like this and strip down to their cup shorts on a VERY hot day in early May!

My first chore this morning will be to get "the animal going" - No kidding I have the Dyson Animal - and with Carson I empty that container at least 2x a week - now probably 4x a week!  Note the animal next to Carson - poor thing doesn't have a space of it's own in this house because it's too busy working all the time!

Do you notice the coffee table turned on it's side in the background?  That's the official knee hockey rink there in my living room! 

My animal (the electric purple one) - is going to get a work out today - just as soon as I get back from getting my blood done at the Dr's office, stop at the store to pick up a few things, run to the hardware store to get pellets for the pellet stove, and whatever else needs to be done - I probably should schedule that colonoscopy the Dr wants me to have - But not today because I'll be out Miss-Beehaven - and I won't be singing the blues!  (probably not tomorrow either because really who jumps up and thinks "oh I MUST schedule that colonoscopy TODAY!)

Have a great day - I am!

Note to Mom - please don't call me at go "oh honey that's too bad you got layed off - oh gee, oh no"  We're AOK and I am happy as a pig in SH**!  I can't continue at the pace I've set - my kids are suffering and our home life is too - it's time to make family come first - timing IS everything!  Thank the good lord!