Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady? I DON'T THINK SO..........

So this was the headline in yesterday's Boston Globe:

Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady - by Dan (I'm an ass) Shaughnessy

So it seems Dan Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe thinks Peyton is better than my Tommy.  Clue #1 Dan - has Peyton won 3 Superbowls - Answer = NO!  - Pure and simple - numbers don't lie!

Where the F do you get off?  Dan - I used to like you - but that was the final straw - Tom Brady had NO line this year at all - defensive wise or offensive wise - he just came back from massive knee surgery - you DAN are a scum bag! 


I am not going to spit statistics at you Dan - I'm just gonna say that as a Boston sports writer when someone from your home town that you grew up in (cough cough Groton MA) asks you to help out in a small way with getting a youth football program off the ground - it would be wise for the reputation to help out as best you can - but we know you were too busy in the city of Newton where you live now!

Thanks Dan for your words of wisdom - The Tom/Peyton showdown continues - and you my friend are clueless as usual!


  1. PS - I forgot to say - GO SAINTS!

  2. Hubby is NOT a Dan fan and agrees with you 100%

  3. Hell of a Superbowl, eh? I was literally jumping off the couch when the rock star threw that interception which was then returned for a TD. Way to go. I go on the NFL website alot and many of the writers on there are saying that there's just something about the Colts being a regular season team and that they're simply not cut out for the playoff scene. I couldn't agree more. I usually like Dan scum-bag Shaunessey but not on this one. Better luck next year, Peyton.