Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin can't get enough of herself

Let's talk about Sarah today - just for a moment close your eyes and picture this woman as our Commander in Chief!  Then open your eyes and be glad it was just a bad dream.  Seriously is all of America stupid?  Here is Sarah on the cover of Vogue - EW is all I can say and love the hair Sarah - NOT!  Kinda hard to take her serious with her clevage out there for all of America to see!  You Maverick you!

Sarah was out and about this weekend at the "Tea Party" convention giving a speech.  It makes me  physically ill to think that this woman gets any face time in this "great country of ours" - it scares me to think there are so many dumb people running around who actually support her.   Here is a picture of some notes she brought along.  WOW! is all I can say.  I think she'd make a decent hand model.

While you're having your coffee this morning - ponder this:  Do you really think this woman should be on the 2012 Presidential ticket?  If she gets the nod I'm moving to....ah....another country - I'll get back to you on which one later!  Sarah PLEASE stay up in "that great state of Alaska" where you can have helicopters chase caribou for you to shoot.



  1. Sarah Palin = $$$$$$ That's what she's all about - that and the self-promotion narcissicm that is so evident every time she opens up with clever witticisms such as "hows that changey, hopey thingy workin' for 'ya." Really presidential material, don't 'ya think? MSM has found a media celeb and won't let go and that's about her substance "a media celebrity." She's said nothing of import to date and needs to go home and find something else in Alaska to do, like care for her family, since she failed at governorship. Not likely - there's too much $$$ to be made in the lower 48. The dumbing down of the electorate once again.

  2. Hubby and I actually had a conversation about moving to a foreign tropical island if she and Cosmo Scott are the next Pres and VP.

  3. Wonder what she's going to do with her $100,000 appearance fee? Help this great country of ours?

  4. I think she actually thought she was naming her book "Going Rouge - It's All About the Right Color Blush"

  5. Oh, don't even get me started here, Lombardi! What a fool she is. Nice crib notes, Sarah. Moron. I wanted to reach through the tv and choke her when she asked America "How's that hopey changey thing workin' for ya?" Yeah, Sarah; you sound really intelligent there, honey. Now why don't you go teach your daughter about birth control. Sorry, that was inapporpriate. I told you, don't even get me started! My blood pressure is rising as I write this. What a hick she is...oy vay.