Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl - The stomach bug sucks and other rantings

Miss Bee has been out of touch this week and she is missing her blogging buds!

Super Bowl Sunday started out with some fresh homemade lasanga, meatballs, chicken sausage - all of which was happily devoured by the troops - a couple of guys in the neighboorhood made their way down for a few brews with the Man's Man and all was right in Whoville - UNTIL - (insert theme from dragnet here)

Matt started the barfing about 11:00 PM - Matt barfed in his bed, our bed, and everywhere in between!  Poor Matt - he suffered for a couple of days but started to perk up on Tuesday about O dark hundred - (5:00 PM local time) - just about the time Miss Bee had finished her 10th load of laundry after not having any hot water all weekend (that's a whole different story).

Then the stomach bug from hell struck - AGAIN!  Miss Bee's turn!  Oh what a turn it t'was is all I will share - I thought I was going for a trip in the white and red buggy a couple of times! I was so dehydrated that I am still sipping gatorade on Friday instead of thinking about cocktail hour!   Fridays are reserved for happy hour and I am still sipping gatorade - something is wrong with this picture!

But truth be told would much rather be sipping some of this:

Did everyone hear about the BIG HUGE BLIZZARD we got here in Boston on Wednesday?  A whole 1 inch of snow!  They cancelled just about everything that they could - and we got 1 inch!  Yup - I wish I could get a job as a weather gal - the weather has always interested me - I could predict BIG Nor'easters and get paid!  What a gig!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I've found that the Goose cures all ills!!

  2. That Be-Tough drink looks like it cures what ails you! Seriously, you still feel like crap?