Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - Random thoughts and questions from the suburbs........

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I have some random questions and thoughts for you.

Why do people think it's ok to shop for shoes in DSW and talk on the phone? "Oh Nancy you should see these cute little kitten heels - they are black with crap on them"  "Nancy are you listening to me?" No lady she's not listening but I am so get the hell off the damn phone - go outside and talk!

We're traveling to Disney World the end of next month and then to Pensacola for a visit with my favorite brother inlaw - any Disney tips or warm weather tips are always appreciated!

What would you give to a recent High school graduate (that you hardly know) for a gift?

I have been busting my butt going to the gym for 3 weeks now - and I'm feeling pretty good!

Why are my kids such slobs?  This morning I found stuck on popsicle juice on a table in the living room - and don't even get my started on the teenagers room!

Does BP have a clue about the oil rigs they operate?  This oil gushing into the gulf is really bothering me - it's such a beautiful place..........

What are you doing for this upcoming long holiday weekend?  Whatever you're doing - have fun and enjoy yourself!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday? Whoops it's Friday!

In case the whole world was looking for me yesterday (or not as probably is the case) - I was busy holding court with Mom and Meg while we did the rounds at a few games - Pat's Lacrosse and Matt's baseball.  Had no chance to blog by the time we returned from baseball last night - it was time for homework and dinner and showers..................then it was time for BED!

So today we'll play thirsty Friday - even better!  TGIF!

Today I'd like to tell you all about all about a little incident that happened at the lacrosse players school Wednesday.  While I was home doing my thing late in the afternoon I received a recorded message from Mr.Principal saying there had been an incident at the school (food fight) the police were brought in and punishments were being handed down.

So because I'm a nosey bitch, I called lacrosse boy and said "what's going on" - but lacrosse boy wasn't in the cafeteria during said food fight so he couldn't tell me much - what else is new?

So being the nosey bitch gal that I am I called my friend Deb who is as nosey as I am!  (You know you are Deb!) - and of course Deb just happened to have her Mr.Golf at home when she received the dreaded phone call - so she quized Mr.Golf and he gave her a little bit of information that she shared with me - Thank you Deb!

So this is what happened:

Now - I have heard that "Willie D" didn't do anything but film the incident - and the police made him delete the video - but confiscated his cell phone according to him...not sure why?  This other kid - 20 years old and still in high school?  Hello - ever here of a GED? 

I'm wavering back and forth because I know alot of the kids are just plain punks who have ZERO respect for authority - I've seen it first hand myself.  I've heard it from other parents, and although I complain about Lacrosse boy alot, he IS respectful to all. 

On the other hand - the kids are all saying that the police used excessive force to take one kid down - and maced him unnecessarily? 

So tell me what you think?

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's time for another edition of THIRSTY THURSDAY!

That's right fellow bloggers - it's time to play another round of Thirsty Thursday!

This weeks edition of Thirsty Thursday is going to be dedicated to some of Ms.Bee's favorite things.

So without further adieau - first on is Trader Joe's new Guacamole Hummus - all I can say is if you like either RUN to the nearest Trader's - this stuff is to die for!

Next on my list:

Now Ms.Bee should probably tell you that she has a healthy supply of hair products and loves to try new things - but this Hemp Mud (yes that's right Hemp) - is a must have at all times - it makes a bad hair day good!

Coming in at #3:

LOVE LOVE LOVE my bareMinerals powder foundation!  Feels like you have nothing on and covers very well - can't leave home without it!

Next up:

My new favorite Yankee Candle - Dune Grass - smells heavenly! 

Rounding out the list are my new flip flops:

Ms.Bee should probably say that Ms.Foot Doctor has told me these are a NO-NO - I had new orthotics cast today to the tune of $400.00 - Ms.Foot Doctor told me these are not to be worn unless I am sitting!  Since that never happens might as well kiss these goodbye for now.........Ms.Bee is going to miss her flip flops!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My TV Mother Stunt Double

On Friday my sister Meg, over at did a Mother's Day Edition Diddy.  When we convened over the weekend at the Cape Cod Retreat - we laughed with my Mom about how Meg thought that June Cleaver was my grandmother and Mrs.Cunningham was my Mom!  I wondered out loud why Meg didn't have a TV Mom for me?  "What no comparision for Ain't Miss Beehaven?" I asked.

Well no said Meg, she didn't really know which TV Mom I was.  But my Mom being my Mom KNEW exactly who I am - she always has.

And I have to say............I TOTALLY agree!

Instead of "Oh Ray you're a jerk!" - It's "Oh Joe you threw my fricking shoes away, what kind of idiot are you?"

Hope you all had a WICKED good Mothers Day - I did - The Man's Man was very good to me!

PS. Debra would never say wicked being from New York - but being from Boston - It's all WICKED good!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Thirsty Thursday!

Time for another fun filled addition of Thirsty Thursday!

Today I need advice and lots of it! 

Today I'd like to talk about my son Pat's bedroom - here are some pictures recently taken (10 minutes ago) of Pat's bedroom.  Pat has a very bad habit of being a typical 16 year old boy who takes food to the bedroom when his Mother is not looking.  No matter how many times his Mother has begged, pleaded and yelled - Pat continues to smuggle contraband into his room - note the juice boxes sitting on his table.  What's a Mother to do about this ugly situation?  Seriously friends, I have asked every day for the last week - begged - screamed at him - NOTHING works! 

Notice the laundry  basket here with what was once folded laundry just waiting for it's own special place in the drawer?  Note the pile of mismash here and some brand new shirts with the tags still on them! 

Note the bed here with the blanket on top - he sleeps on top of the bedspread - why - to save from cleaning?  I THINK NOT!

So while all my friends out there are mulling over the best advice they can give me - I'll be mulling over this later!  AFTER the little slob's Lacrosse game this afternoon!

Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girl's Day Out - Fun stuff!

T'was a beautiful weekend here in Boston!  Ms. Bee ventured out with her girls from a place she used to work - I can't tell you the name of that place to protect the innocent - but I can tell you the Eagle always lands!  (That's for you Cheri!)  That is what we called the old Boss - every morning - we'd watch for her and when she arrived we had a little clip that we played on the computer "The Eagle has landed" - enough about her!

We had a marvelous day of outdoor dining and drinks in Worcester - or commonly known to us who live here - Wista'!  Or if you haven't a clue and your from far and wide Wor'chester!  A good time was had by all!

Here is Mary smiling brightly as always - oh you should see her when she's mad though!

Here is Ms.Cheri - looking uncomfortable that I am about to take her picture - no worries Cheri nobody reads my blog anyway!

And here is Noelle - Noelle toughed it out and came out even though she wasn't feeling very well and had just returned from vacation - that's why we love Noelle - she comes out to play even when she isn't up to par!

Can't wait to do it again girls - ALWAYS a good time - enjoyed catching up!  Cheers!