Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - Random thoughts and questions from the suburbs........

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I have some random questions and thoughts for you.

Why do people think it's ok to shop for shoes in DSW and talk on the phone? "Oh Nancy you should see these cute little kitten heels - they are black with crap on them"  "Nancy are you listening to me?" No lady she's not listening but I am so get the hell off the damn phone - go outside and talk!

We're traveling to Disney World the end of next month and then to Pensacola for a visit with my favorite brother inlaw - any Disney tips or warm weather tips are always appreciated!

What would you give to a recent High school graduate (that you hardly know) for a gift?

I have been busting my butt going to the gym for 3 weeks now - and I'm feeling pretty good!

Why are my kids such slobs?  This morning I found stuck on popsicle juice on a table in the living room - and don't even get my started on the teenagers room!

Does BP have a clue about the oil rigs they operate?  This oil gushing into the gulf is really bothering me - it's such a beautiful place..........

What are you doing for this upcoming long holiday weekend?  Whatever you're doing - have fun and enjoy yourself!


  1. You didn't mention what your cocktail will be today - and over the holiday weekend!! Cheers!

  2. I'm thinking I always have a place in my heart for a cold beer at the beach and a Margarita afterwards!

  3. I'm trying a rose wine right now that is totally hitting the spot, and on my new deck to boot! Thanks for recommending Reis, Bee. He did a great job!

  4. I'm off Fri and Sat then working Sun and Mon.

    I usually buy Graduating Seniors a gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond, if they're going away to college. They can use it to get decor stuff for their dorm room. Or a Starbucks card. Or a Barnes and Noble card.

    You do realize that when you are at Disney you are only about 40 minutes from my front door. I think you pass my front door if you go I-4 to Pensacola. Perhaps we need to meet for a drink?

    People come into our store with no intention of making a purchase, just to have a quiet place to get off the street while they talk on the phone. I think it's SO RUDE! We have a counter on the door. Our computer thinks I had a customer come in that I wasn't able to make a sale.

    Have a great wHoo-Hoo! It's Almost Summer In Massachusetts Holiday Weekend!

  5. Me'thinks I must prepare a pan of Oh'Henry bars for the celebration - what celebration you ask? We've had such glorious spring here on Cape of Cod - weeks ahead in flowering shrubs and swimming has begun in the bay. Life is good!!!

  6. At least you had a fairly nice conversation to listen to. I have heard people practically get a divorce on the phone, or heard who SHOULD be since he's been cheating on her with the neighbor who never trims her hedges, blahblahblah. RUDE!!

    It rains every day at 3 in Florida.

    I send money to kids I barely know. The less I know them, the less I send.

    Good on you for going to the gym! I wish I had your perserverence.

    Kids. Are. Slobs. Period.

    Oil spill? I'm just sad.

    Vodka tonics while having a lovely shrimp boil with our youngest (who is now a slob in his own place).

    Hope your weekend was great!!