Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm NOT a happy camper!

I think this little weather forecast says it all!  Bite me!

Hopefully Hurricane Earl will stay off shore and the weekend will be just my style!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who's shit is it - Day 2

Ok - let's play again!

Okay now - as with the last contest - there is no prize!  This is just for fun!  I would give away a prize if more people showed up to play but 3 - come on people - I know you're out there!

Again - you have until Friday 5:00PM EASTERN time to enter your guess!

Thanks for playing - just for fun!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who's shit is it - Day 1

Yesterday I talked about a little game we're gonna play called "Who's Shit is it?"

Today I am going to post 2 pictures of shit in my house - 1 will be an no brainer and the other might be a tad harder.

So here we go:

And just like on that "other" website we all wish we had - you have until 5:00PM EASTERN time tomorrow Thursday August 26th to get your guess in - no big mixer, knives, trips to the Lodge (unless you want to come visit me at my one and only Lodge) or anything else will be given away - this is all for FUN people - just for FUN!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm launching an investigation

That's right - I am launching a full fledged investigation into my family - and just who is the culprit of the never ending saga of WHO does not put their shit away!

I will be providing pictures and clues in the coming days - hope you all can play along for fun and guess who's shit it is in the picture!

First shit posting is tomorrow!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Fricking Thirsty Thursday - Random thoughts from the bar

Well fellow blogging friends - it's another Thirsty Thursday here at the bar!  (any room with a bottle of liquor is a bar in my humble opinion!)

Some random thoughts this week:

Why does Sarah Palin bug me so much?

Why do I love Joy Behar so much?

Who do you love SO much?

Why can I NOT wait for the kids to go back to school?

#1 son gets his driving permit on Monday.........

#1 son was diagnosed with a cataract (small) today - what's with that?  Aren't those for seniors?

#2 son starts hockey next weekend - OK I'm over the heat but can't we wait until AFTER labor day?

Why am I so eager for the fall?  Hmmm - let me count the ways - stews, fires outside, Football, cool weather, pumpkins and sweatshirts to name a few!

Have a great weekend all - I'm off to Cape Cod to help "I can't walk Nana" - and celebrate #1 son's 16th Birthday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Thirsty Thursday! - I'm on a Midnight train to Georgia

Not really - I'm not on a train to Georgia - I don't even like Georgia!  However - it's 2:30AM do you know where my YOUR sleep is?  I really wish I could find mine - it ran away again and doesn't come home unless I feed the monster Ambien.  The insurance company says I can only feed the monster 14 days per month (I notice they don't say that to patients on birth control pills) - so basically I get a good nights sleep every other night - but since I took a few in a row and gave a couple to Meg over at the Members Lounge during our trip to Blogbust Blogher, I only have about 3 left until the end of the month - so Ms Bee is in a bad, bad way..........

So how about it people - what do you do to get a good nights sleep?  Do you take sleep aids?  Do you drink warm milk?  DO YOU drink Jack Daniels until you pass out?  I'm fresh out of ideas.........all I know is some nights it's like spinning the wheel of fortune in the sleep department you never know if you're gonna win or lose a turn!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am sick today - I have a bad case of Blogher

So Meg and I attended Blogher 2010' in NYC this past weekend.  I took home alot of junk (water bottles, toothpaste, coffee cups, playdoh, etc etc.) and Meg and I had some EXcellent meals - we met The Zadge - who was just a blast! And Moomskers is a lovely woman - I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with her!

I met Bruce Jenner who I wished still looked like this.....

I was however ready to come home yesterday because if I heard one more woman in a restaurant discuss her children, labor or whatever I was going to SCREAM! SHUT THE F UP!  "I AM MOMMY WOMAN" "The Wheels on the bus", "Mommy of 3", "Mommy of 12", "Mommy loves her children" - MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY - do you do anything else besides be a Mommy?  WHAT'E'VAH - that's Boston lingo for Whatever - I AM MOMMY'D OUT with you folks!  I only want to associated with Mommy Wants Vodka, Mommy wants booze, Mommy is a lush and Single and Lovin' it!  That's where the real world is!

PS - is real and she is very funny!  I enjoyed her discussion panel very much!

I think next year I am going to start my own Conference - I think I'll call it:  The Suburban Woman - do you think I will get any hits?  I don't have a real ranch but I like to call my home the ranch - hey it actually is come to think of it!  I don't have any horses either - but I have a dog who looks like one!  Does that count?  I only have 2 kids that get dirty - Matt tries to ride Carson my dog sometimes - but he doesn't wear cowboy boots - he wears Nikes - and Reebok or Bauer skates - minus the spurs!  I can cook too - but am not that great at photography - in fact I forgot to bring my camera to Blogher - but that's ok you can go over to and see all the pictures there! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thirsty Wednesday and other news

I know technically it's Wednesday but what the hell - Thirsty Thursday can be any day - because on any given day we're all thirsty for something!  And because I will be leaving later today to go to Thelma's house, because Thelma and Louise are going to Blogher tomorrow morning bright and early!

Watch out for gun wielding Meg Thelma - because I'm not sure she's ever actually handled a weapon!  But rest assured she knows how to handle shopping bags and has in the past used her shopping bags as weapons!  Me, Louise, has actually shot a gun before playing redneck olympics with my brothers inlaw - back in the old days out behind the barn - we'd take my father inlaws empty whiskey bottles and use them for target practice - I always beat them - they wern't as good as I was - and they hated me for it!  Especially the Man's Man because back in those days he was still trying to wow me with his manly skills!  My brother inlaw Nick too - because as you've learned from previous posts - he has some issues with woman who can do things better than he can!

Meg and I took "I can't walk" Nana to the Dr's yesterday and she is now sporting a green cast!  Another 4 weeks in a cast - foot is not ready for weight!  The Dr also told my Mom he had a patient who's wrist was a mess and her xrays were read negative as well - he said he isn't sure he can fix her wrist!  I am betting that her xray was read by the same DUMB Dr who read my Mom's - at the same other nearby crappy hospital!  Hmmmm......

Lastly - I am sure many of you (all 3 of my faithful followers) have read Meg's blog this week about our new found cousin - I am looking forward to meeting her and her family - this is an exciting, scary, emotional time for her I and I hope to ease some of her fears and get to know her!

Hope to see some of you at Blogher!