Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who's shit is it - Day 1

Yesterday I talked about a little game we're gonna play called "Who's Shit is it?"

Today I am going to post 2 pictures of shit in my house - 1 will be an no brainer and the other might be a tad harder.

So here we go:

And just like on that "other" website we all wish we had - you have until 5:00PM EASTERN time tomorrow Thursday August 26th to get your guess in - no big mixer, knives, trips to the Lodge (unless you want to come visit me at my one and only Lodge) or anything else will be given away - this is all for FUN people - just for FUN!


  1. well, I'll venture out on a limb and say "Whos shit #1" belongs to Matt. I suspect he doesn't like "corners". Does he eat sandwiches the same way? #2 I'll guess belongs to Pat. How'd I do?

  2. It's Matt in the dining room with a half eaten pop tart.

    I think Joe left computer crap there. I love this game, it's better than Clue.