Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who's shit is it - Day 2

Ok - let's play again!

Okay now - as with the last contest - there is no prize!  This is just for fun!  I would give away a prize if more people showed up to play but 3 - come on people - I know you're out there!

Again - you have until Friday 5:00PM EASTERN time to enter your guess!

Thanks for playing - just for fun!


  1. Maple syrup - Pat.

    Dishes - Joe.

    Matt too little to cause destruction?

  2. At least the dishes are in the sink! Progress perhaps?

  3. I know you have a houseful of males, so any guess is going to involve them. The dishes I'm going to have to say the husband (who will in turn, teach his offspring) because my husband does the same damn thing. The dishwasher is RIGHT NEXT TO THE SINK!!!

  4. Maple Syrup - Matt

    Dishes - Joe

    For some reason the boys don't seem to want to make friends with Mr.Dishwasher - but then again - they can't pickup after themselves either!

  5. But Beeeeee, the dishwasher is sooooo far away from the sink!

  6. I don't know but I love your countertops!