Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm NOT a happy camper!

I think this little weather forecast says it all!  Bite me!

Hopefully Hurricane Earl will stay off shore and the weekend will be just my style!


  1. Ugh. I do NOT miss East Coast weather. Put more ice cubes in that cocktail, sista.

  2. It could be worse. It could be hot AND there could be scorpions. Hello, Texas.

  3. This is true Dawn! I encountered a scorpion once at my BIL's house in Florida - thankfully because I am always on my toes in the south - even inside - I spotted "the bastard" immediately - made an about face - got the BIL and said "do you guys have scorpions down here because I think there is one on the bathroom floor" - he captured "the bastard" for me - killed it and from then on whenever I have visited I am very careful - however I did get bit again this year by something just stepping out of the pool!

    I've resolved myself that my retirement will probably be either in the west or a foreign country where cool weather is prominent!

  4. I HATE this week. Not enough deoderant or liquor.

  5. -->We're getting the rain in Va. before the weekend. Thank God!


  6. I hope the potential hurricane stays away from your Mom In A Cast.
    And my kid in Mashpee!