Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday and Random thoughts from the melting pot called New England

Greeting and Happy Pre Labor Day weekend!

It's been SO DAMN hot here this week I have not been able to think straight - every time I step outside I become a sweaty swamp ass mess!  Then I go home and it takes me an hour and a half to cool off and I turn the AC down to 68 thinking somehow it will take less time for me to cool down!  It doesn't work and all it does it tax my AC system that is already working overtime!

So what's everyone doing this weekend?  Me, I'm just hanging around waiting for Hurricane Earl to make way tomorrow night - hopefully it will be mild and just some wind and rain!  Other than that we have some hockey practice going on and maybe just a cookout or something like that!

So I have a few thoughts from the week...........

How can an 8 year old be such a pain in the ass?  And I'm not talking about my kid!  There is 1 little kid in our part of the woods that Matthew is friends with but EVERY single time they play together he has to out do Matt at something - I AM so sick of him!  It's becoming increasing difficult to be nice to this kid! 

I bought my regular dog food today at Petco - It's gone up $2.00 this week!!  WTF - that's $34.00 for a 15 pound bag - times twice a month! 

Why did Dancing with the Stars have to pick Bristol Palin and Mike The Situation?  How low can they go?

And finally - how clean is your house?  If you have children you know how difficult it is to keep up with the crap that everyone drops daily! 

I'll leave you with a final thought - last night - SOMEONE came home from work and wasn't feeling so well - when SOMEONE hopped into bed they said "why is the house such a mess, what do you do all day" I said "REALLY?"

So I got up and went out to the family room and took pictures of all the crap laying around - low and behold guess what?  65 percent of it belongs to SOMEONE!  Then I contemplated going outside with the ketchup and writing SOMEONE a few choice notes on the windows of SOMEONE'S car - BUT - I took the Elin Nordgren high road and didn't do it!  I'm thinking of dressing in vintage June Cleaver tonight when SOMEONE comes home from work - which outfit do you prefer?


  1. Too funny! You would think after that menay years, SOMEONE would know not to say those kinds of things. It's only been 14 years for us, but my SOMEONE is a quick study! And not as messy, go figure.

    Nothing on the weekend. Not even cocktails, because of South Beach Diet. No worries though. Next week is holiday at the lake for birthday and anniversary celebration. And our booze ban will be lifted by then! Woohoo!

  2. Sigh. I don't have anyone else to blame the mess on, since I live alone. But I do it anyway.

  3. Hi "B"..
    Cracking up over the "stuff" all over the house!
    How well I remember! Happiness is being retired and living alone...oh yeah, there is the aging thing..
    Have been thinking about the Boston Sista's and hope that "Sistas' Mama" is going to be OK out on the Cape this w/e.
    Love the Blog..hang in there..

  4. June Cleaver, with a spatula, in the kitchen. You can do a lot of damage with that utensil, you know.

  5. Get a piece of paper. Write down everything you do for about 3 days (NOT a holiday weekend) and how long it takes.
    Then post it on the fridge and label it "THIS IS WHAT I DO ALL DAY". Don't forget to time how long you are in the car back and forth to the kid's activities, how much time you waste talking them into what they're supposed to do, being an umpire in their squabbles.

    Mine just gave me crap for having a fibro flare-up after my 9 day stretch of work and staying in bed all day and not cooking dinner...that I no intention of eating. He's on my shit list right now. Karma bit him in the butt. He got a phone call at 8pm to go back to work!

  6. Well now I like your idea LMSS! I suggested it to SOMEONE earlier - didn't go over so well - we are really at an impasse!

  7. you should be rewarded I would've been like, dude, are you freakin kidding me and they dragged his sorry butt all around to show him his mess