Friday, April 22, 2011

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Hoppin down the bunny trail............oh hey sorry - I was singing to myself - you caught me!

My week has been crazy every night with cake pop dipping, decorating and wrapping - whew what a job!  However - I am proud of they way these little baskets came out - and hopefully folks will be very generous when they purchase one as the money goes to a great cause - if you read my last post you know about Jim and his parents plight to help him live a better life!  What a great group of fire men and woman we have in this little town of 20,000 - they are the team that put together this benefit tonight - my cake pop making was just a tiny sliver of what is going on behind the scenes today!  I suspect these little baskets will go quickly! I think they are SWEET! :)  Happy Easter all!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh hey there!

Hey my loyal 3 readers - just me checking in!  It's been awhile - Ms.Bee has been so busy wrapping up hockey season, starting Lacrosse season, working, attending various social activities, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, wiping up dog crap, (my friend The Zadge can relate!), picking up dog poop, cleaning up maple syrup from half the kitchen, vacuuming dog hair, cleaning toilets, she has had ZERO time to write!

I'm quickly checking in to let you know I've been just too damn busy!  Ms.Bee has undertaken a serious project along with all her other duties! Ms.Bee is making Cake Pop Easter Baskets for a fundraiser for my good buddy Jim down the street who has autonomic epilepsy - which is quite serious.  Jim suffers many grand mal seizures daily - Jim is 20 and the local Fire Dept has taken Jim under their wing because Jim LOVES the fire house and fire trucks.  He also loves helping out at the fire house when he is feeling well enough!  Jim's Mom and Dad are so devoted to Jim that they decided to take him to the Cleveland Clinic to see a world renowned specialist and see if she could provide some insight since the Dr's here in Boston had told Jim's Mom and Dad that they could not operate - Jim's Mom Sue NEVER gives up - she keeps fighting and continues to fight for Jim every day.  Their insurance company denied them help when they decided to take Jim to the Cleveland Clinic so our local Fire Dept has stepped up and decided to throw a fundraiser to help out the family!  What a great group of folks they are!

Here is Jim visiting last year with country singer Rodney Atkins - Jim LOVES Rodney - and with a little letter writing his family was able to arrange a visit in Nashville with Rodney!

There has been an extreme outpouring of generosity in the way of auction items and bake items - and since Ms.Bee didn't want to just bake cookies for the bake table - she decided to challenge herself a bit and see if she could make the cake pops!  I had a trial run yesterday and started making the pop part today - tomorrow and Wed I will start dipping and decorating and then wrapping.  I will put the baskets together on Thursday.  I will post pictures when they are finished - I am very excited and think they are going to look pretty darn cool!

I'll be back later in the week with some pictures - and please keep Jim and his family in your prayers - they're a great family!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm married to an ADD, sports addicted, obsessed hockey parent.......

Who happens to be the VP/Director of IT has his world wide organization. Could someone please tell me why the man can't miss an 8 year old hockey game for a night out with friends that we've had planned for 5 months?  Or why he loses the car keys at least twice a week - or his wallet at least once a week?  Or why he thinks that doing it his way is "the right" way?   Tell me why we can't discuss a new garage door but can discuss $2100 worth of retaining wall work that has to be done because "someone" decided we had to build a hockey rink this winter - which now needs $2000 smackaroo's worth of wall work - that doesn't even include the ASSphalt or cement!

Huh?  Huh?  Could someone PLEASE tell me?