Friday, April 22, 2011

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Hoppin down the bunny trail............oh hey sorry - I was singing to myself - you caught me!

My week has been crazy every night with cake pop dipping, decorating and wrapping - whew what a job!  However - I am proud of they way these little baskets came out - and hopefully folks will be very generous when they purchase one as the money goes to a great cause - if you read my last post you know about Jim and his parents plight to help him live a better life!  What a great group of fire men and woman we have in this little town of 20,000 - they are the team that put together this benefit tonight - my cake pop making was just a tiny sliver of what is going on behind the scenes today!  I suspect these little baskets will go quickly! I think they are SWEET! :)  Happy Easter all!


  1. Totally amazing!! You are so talented Ms. Bee!!! What a wonderful thing you are doing for Jim. Wonder if stemmies could help him out?? They have been showing much improvement in people with neurological diseases/disorders. Have his mom check out the Stem Genex website for more info to see if he could be a candidate. Imagine, healing his body with cells from his own body. I know I have felt an amazing differnece in my brain function ... and so have many others!!
    Happy Easter!! and again, WONDERFUL JOB!!

  2. Those pops are AMAZING!!! You should go into business selling them! We could sell them on the Moomksers WHAT?! Truck!

  3. They are sweet and so are you.
    I wish I could have seen you and Meg while I was in MA but I was REALLY on duty with Mom 24/7.
    Maybe next time. My brother is considering a move to the framingham area if he gets the promotion he interviewed for.

  4. Those are adorable! I must learn this.

  5. What a professional job you have done. My Neice, Ann Marie makes these and sells them and yours are right up there with hers.
    I would like to make a contributation to your friends cause. Please send me the address.
    Mrs Foley---Mary Foley Cooney---Nonis20

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments - these took up alot of my time but I felt they were worth every bit of effort to help out Jim's family who are just the nicest bunch of folks! I was proud of myself since my sister Meg seems to have inherited ALL the artistic ability in the family!

    Nonis - I will send you the address! You are so kind!

  7. Just stoppen in to say "Hey" from down South! OH! Cake pops! My cousin Anne came down in October and showed us how to make those. They are so much fun! Yours look fabulous DARLING! just fabulous!

    Hope your doing well and I hope the fund raiser went well. I also see Auntie stopped by ~ She's so great!