Thursday, May 26, 2011


Oh hey there..............been awhile since Ms.Bee posted huh?  Check this out!

I'll believe it when I feel it OK?  Because the weather here has SUCKED!  That's right I said it - SUCKED!  I think this is a cruel joke being played on me........

One more thing because I'm not in a gabbing mood at 10:15PM at night.........

If you're the praying kind, please pray for this most beautiful girl Emily, her Mom (who is pictured with her) - and her family............Emily was in a horrific bicycle accident last weekend in Michigan - she was wearing a helmet and she had a fractured skull!  Wear your helmets if you bike people!  And say an extra prayer for Emily and her family tonight!

Eileen is Emily's Mom - I grew up with Eileen and we were childhood friends.  We fought off bat colonies (really we were attacked) together - and brought a big Buick station wagon to it's knees just putting it in reverse and backing it into a tree (Eileen was at the wheel by default - she was older).  Eileen also had the Barbie camper!  Can you say jealous?   Eileen's Mom Mary, who is just a doll of a lady is my pseudo Godmother as my real Godmother passed away when I was an infant.  Mary stepped up to the plate and offered her Godmotherness to me because I was feeling sorry for myself and whining that I didn't have a Godmother! She is that kinda lady!  Here is Mary and her husband Jim - aren't they a handsome couple?

One more thing ( I promise for real) before I leave you...........Here is my most handsome son Patrick and his girlfriend Lindsey at the Prom 2 weeks ago...........they are so very cute no? :)


  1. Welcome back! If it makes you feel any better, we still have our heat on here in Denver! And prayers are being said here for your friend!


  2. I thought you said you weren't in a gabbing mood? Good to see you back.

    Yes, prayers. Eileen looks like someone I know. You guys killed a Buick?

    There is something about proms I really miss.

    It's perfectly 70 here.

  3. Hey! You got the heat I sent! Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. I'll be thinking good thoughts for Emily.

  5. Bee -

    1) Patrick and his date, Lindsey, are adorable. No? YES. Adorable!! And that scene in the background is breathtaking.

    2) I thought the whole bat attack thing was an urban legend. You mean to tell me it's true??

    3) Eileen had a Barbie camper? Wow, I don't think I ever once owned anything Barbie in my life. Although, we did have a really nice playhouse, if I remember correctly, almost all the dolls were bald because my brother shaved their heads.

    4) Thanks for spreading the word about Emily. My heart sunk when I heard that she had been sent back to the hospital, and then the ICU. Hopefully, she'll soon be on the mend and her spirits will soar.

  6. Hi Jen - No urban legend - ask Eileen - we were in the basement playroom behind the bar when 2-4 bats swooped in - lots of excitement all the time! We also had one at our house on Walnut st, it cornered me in my parents bedroom - they all stood at the bottom of the stairs and yelled for me to come down - hahaha - you're on your own kid! If I recall your parents had to have someone come in and extricate them from the attic?

    Eileen did own a Barbie camper - which I was just in love with - it was all the rage in the early 70's! I do remember Wally shaved the dolls heads - I think he got in trouble too?

    My heart is just heavy about Emily - I cannot imagine what Eileen is going through. I continue to pray for her and please, please - keep me updated if you hear anything - you can always send me a quick 1 liner via email! Thank you Jen!

  7. It was quite the neighborhood we lived in - 17 kids in 3 houses all in a row - can you imagine all the stitches and broken limbs there were?

    Pat and Lindsay look stunning - she looks like a princess - perfect prom gown!

    Glad you are spreading the new about Emily so we can all pray for her!

  8. Hi, I am jsut catching up on the Bat thing. What I remember is Janet, who was I think 6 said
    "Oh look Mom, a bird in our house". As the bat when swooping by. I called the Maynard Police for back up and they came and drew their guns---really and truly---finally the Bat settled on a drape and they took the drape down and took it outside and submerged it in a big barrel of water to drown it. The bat, quickly flew off so the drowning was aborted.
    We should write a book---I do not remember the Barbie Camper??? I know we had that big camper that we enjoyed as a playhouse for awhile.
    Your son and his date look adorable--it seems you just went to a prom??? Where does the time go?

  9. I remember my kid's prom - fun times! That dress is gorgeous - they make a great couple! W.C.C.

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