Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random thoughts from the Abyss (and it's Thirsty Thursday)


I know many of you read my post about my childhood friend Eileen, her daughter Emily and her terrible accident...........boy it's been a wild ride for Emily!  Emily has been released - home - released - home and in the ICU - again!  She has been re-admitted for low sodium which is a huge issue when someone has had trauma - had her clavicle operated on - released - readmitted again for a blood clot in her lung!  Please my friends continue to pray for Emily!  I haven't seen Eileen is 30 years, we have communicated via notes, emails, facebook etc - but Eileen and I will always have a special bond - it's just the way it is when you crash cars together when you are kids!  Oh - and you would not believe - I sent Eileen a note last night letting her know I was praying for Emily's recovery and do you know what she wrote back?  Thanks for you thoughts and prayers - etc - GO Bruins!  GO BRUINS??   Now I am a BIG hockey fan - I have been watching my B's faithfully  - watching them kick some Canuck ASS - but honestly??????????  She's the real deal - she says GO Bruins while her daughter is having the worst time of her life!  She is a class act! 

In other news, I have been suffering from cracked heels this year - I have been having a tough time with my thyroid ( I have hypothyroidism) and am deficient in Vitamin D!  I guess I need to move somewhere where the sun shines alot more!  St.Tropez anyone?  Aruba?  Jamaica?  St.Maarten?  Wat'evah!  Take me to the sunshine!  Just don't take me to the Sunshine State - because it's too HOT in the Sunshine state for Ms.Bee!  I bought some of this yesterday:

This stuff is the Bee's Knees!  Haha get it?  I've applied this stuff about 5 times since yesterday and it's doing the job!  Thank you Burt - Ms.Bee needs all the Burts Bee's she can get!
What's everyone up to for the summer?  Ms.Bee is thinking Maine is in the future - I love Maine - the water is a bit chilly for swimming in the ocean - but poolside is ok with me - I know I'm safe from sharks too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend - and don't forget Emily in your prayers!


  1. Oooh, I'll be checking Burt out. I need something for my tootsies. A pedicure for sure!