Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm married to an ADD, sports addicted, obsessed hockey parent.......

Who happens to be the VP/Director of IT has his world wide organization. Could someone please tell me why the man can't miss an 8 year old hockey game for a night out with friends that we've had planned for 5 months?  Or why he loses the car keys at least twice a week - or his wallet at least once a week?  Or why he thinks that doing it his way is "the right" way?   Tell me why we can't discuss a new garage door but can discuss $2100 worth of retaining wall work that has to be done because "someone" decided we had to build a hockey rink this winter - which now needs $2000 smackaroo's worth of wall work - that doesn't even include the ASSphalt or cement!

Huh?  Huh?  Could someone PLEASE tell me? 


  1. Don't look at me. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 42. When I was 42 the doctor said I was the poster child for adults with ADHD. They put me on Ritalin - at 42!!! I had to give it up shortly thereafter b/c it wasn't right. It had a way of inhibiting the Ronbo effect. Us ADHD people do a lot of weird shit. But then again, we hyperfocus. You ain't never been loved unti you been hyperfocused on so there is a dividend. So, I tacked a hook by the front door to hang my keys, b/c I got tired of asking, "Honey, have you seen my keys?"

    I'm dead serious.

  2. I hope the skating rink turns into a swimming pool in the summer for all that money!

  3. Personally I think we should turn it into some sort of outdoor bar and lounge area. For women only. Or you can come to my house and sit on the patio and look at the asshat neighbor's woodpile he stacked up next to my nice garden. See - we all have people that aggravate us this week!

  4. Ron - I know you are serious - hyperfocus is the key word!

    Zadge - it would feel a whole lot better if a big cement pond was going in it's place!

    Meg - I think you are right - I'm gonna hold a kick ASS party when it's all done - and write on the wall with spray paint - you can only wonder what I am going to write!

  5. I'm sure its the same man who can't put his dirty dishes in the emptied dishwasher. Oh wait that's mine.