Friday, September 10, 2010

I can't help myself Friday - The Tom Brady Accident Edition

Greetings Fellow Bloggers,

While Meg is away vacationing in Wine Country and staying in some VERY nice accomodations I might add, I am "borrowing" her I can't help myself Friday!

Yesterday morning - My Tommy - AKA Tom Brady New England Patriots quarterback, was involved in an accident in Boston.  My Tommy was not hurt - however the other idiot who ran the red light was injured and I believe is ungoing surgery today to fix his face - you should see his driving record!  Let's just say it's less than steller!

But the real reason for my ramblings today really are about the media - or the vultures as I like to call them!  This story was "BREAKING" news all damn day long!  "Tom Brady involved in accident" "Tom Brady taken to Brigham and Womans" Tom Brady NOT taken to Brigham and Womans" "Tom Brady on his way to Gillete Stadium" "Tom Brady will report to practice" and ON AND ON it went all fricking day long!  It really was almost comical at dinner time when they were still running this on the front story of the day!  And then when they finally played this for as long as they could - the vultures started reporting that My Tommy had signed a new deal! 

I really could not take it anymore when they were still playing this at 9:00PM last night - so I decided to look at my camera and see what I had shot the last week or so - I noted to myself that I did not get a picture of Matt's 1st day of second grade - but I did snap this little gem!  He really makes me laugh some days!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Brady looked good in preseason against my Saints. They will be a contender this year.

  2. the other day my dog was sleeping next to the wall with his paws firmly planted on said wall. I was cracking up

  3. Well - since I live closer and can easily drive to watch him play - he's MINE! :) But since I also don't mind sharing - he can be yours too!