Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Fricking Thirsty Thursday - Random thoughts from the bar

Well fellow blogging friends - it's another Thirsty Thursday here at the bar!  (any room with a bottle of liquor is a bar in my humble opinion!)

Some random thoughts this week:

Why does Sarah Palin bug me so much?

Why do I love Joy Behar so much?

Who do you love SO much?

Why can I NOT wait for the kids to go back to school?

#1 son gets his driving permit on Monday.........

#1 son was diagnosed with a cataract (small) today - what's with that?  Aren't those for seniors?

#2 son starts hockey next weekend - OK I'm over the heat but can't we wait until AFTER labor day?

Why am I so eager for the fall?  Hmmm - let me count the ways - stews, fires outside, Football, cool weather, pumpkins and sweatshirts to name a few!

Have a great weekend all - I'm off to Cape Cod to help "I can't walk Nana" - and celebrate #1 son's 16th Birthday!


  1. Random Comments to Random Thoughts: Anyone who ISN'T bugged by Sarah P. has something wrong with them. Daniel Craig. That's who I love so much. LOL on the bottle-in-the-room=bar! Love, love, the fall too - it means it's football season! And having spent many falls in Boston, I know how lucky you girls (you and Meg, not your boobs) are!!

  2. I like the any-room-with-a-bottle-is-a-bar!

    I also agree with the Zadge, is there anyone out there who is NOT bugged by Sarah Palin? If so, I want to beat them up.

    I love Mike Rowe. I have so many dirty jobs for him to do for me. And then he can clean the gutters.

    I have you in my thoughts as your baby gets behind the wheel. I remember how it was when my oldest started to drive. It's not like we don't worry about them every second of every day anyway, then they have to get out there and drive, too? It's almost more than the mom stress factor can take.

    I am eager for fall, too. College football! WOOT! Go Buckeyes!!

  3. Just posted my weekly Sarah rant! I still can't believe Patrick is 16. I thought I just took him to pick out pumpkins and ride on the tractor last week! Not 10 years ago....

  4. Sarah P just makes me CRAZY. She is just such an ignorant person.

    I LOVE Rachel Maddow, David Letterman,Whoopi Goldberg.

    I LOVE FALL IN FLORIDA. Not sweating. Going for a walk without having a heat stroke. Wearing my hair NOT in a bun. No crowds at Disney!

  5. Well, I'm a little late replying, but here goes.
    Sarah Palin should be shot. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mariska Hargitay (but you already know that, Lombardi!) love the bottle + room = bar comment, and I am pscyhed for fall too, mainly because of FOOTBALL!!! I'd rather watch a meaningless pre-season game than the Sox right about now. Don't even get me going there!
    Good to see you yesterday at the Shoe. Good lord above, what happened to me anyway? Someone must have spiked my drink. yeah, that's it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.