Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Thirsty Thursday! - I'm on a Midnight train to Georgia

Not really - I'm not on a train to Georgia - I don't even like Georgia!  However - it's 2:30AM do you know where my YOUR sleep is?  I really wish I could find mine - it ran away again and doesn't come home unless I feed the monster Ambien.  The insurance company says I can only feed the monster 14 days per month (I notice they don't say that to patients on birth control pills) - so basically I get a good nights sleep every other night - but since I took a few in a row and gave a couple to Meg over at the Members Lounge during our trip to Blogbust Blogher, I only have about 3 left until the end of the month - so Ms Bee is in a bad, bad way..........

So how about it people - what do you do to get a good nights sleep?  Do you take sleep aids?  Do you drink warm milk?  DO YOU drink Jack Daniels until you pass out?  I'm fresh out of ideas.........all I know is some nights it's like spinning the wheel of fortune in the sleep department you never know if you're gonna win or lose a turn!


  1. BlogBust!! Love it. Ketel One and Tonic times 2 and you won't wake up for 8 hours!

  2. Unfortunately Colleen I've tried the Ketel One route many times - it doesn't do it for me! Keeps me awake!

  3. For many years, I have taken a warm bath just before bedtime. I soak, read and relax. When I'm done, I put my nightie on and head to bed. My body knows when I take a bath, it's time to sleep. (now STAYING asleep is something Mother Nature and I have had a small problem with) but the bottom line is, I fall asleep pretty well most nights.

    I highly recommend it. Don't expect results the very first night, it's a lifetstyle and will take a week or so for your body to learn you are telling it to go to sleep.

    Good luck. I feel for you, sistah!

  4. It used to be 1 Cymbalta and 1 Trazodone at bedtime. I would sleep like the dead for about 10 hours.
    Then the pharmacy started effing around by changing their supplier for the Traz and I had to quit.
    Then I got diabetic and had to quit alcohol.
    Now I sleep like crap on a cracker.

    Sorry, I'm no help!