Friday, May 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday? Whoops it's Friday!

In case the whole world was looking for me yesterday (or not as probably is the case) - I was busy holding court with Mom and Meg while we did the rounds at a few games - Pat's Lacrosse and Matt's baseball.  Had no chance to blog by the time we returned from baseball last night - it was time for homework and dinner and showers..................then it was time for BED!

So today we'll play thirsty Friday - even better!  TGIF!

Today I'd like to tell you all about all about a little incident that happened at the lacrosse players school Wednesday.  While I was home doing my thing late in the afternoon I received a recorded message from Mr.Principal saying there had been an incident at the school (food fight) the police were brought in and punishments were being handed down.

So because I'm a nosey bitch, I called lacrosse boy and said "what's going on" - but lacrosse boy wasn't in the cafeteria during said food fight so he couldn't tell me much - what else is new?

So being the nosey bitch gal that I am I called my friend Deb who is as nosey as I am!  (You know you are Deb!) - and of course Deb just happened to have her Mr.Golf at home when she received the dreaded phone call - so she quized Mr.Golf and he gave her a little bit of information that she shared with me - Thank you Deb!

So this is what happened:

Now - I have heard that "Willie D" didn't do anything but film the incident - and the police made him delete the video - but confiscated his cell phone according to him...not sure why?  This other kid - 20 years old and still in high school?  Hello - ever here of a GED? 

I'm wavering back and forth because I know alot of the kids are just plain punks who have ZERO respect for authority - I've seen it first hand myself.  I've heard it from other parents, and although I complain about Lacrosse boy alot, he IS respectful to all. 

On the other hand - the kids are all saying that the police used excessive force to take one kid down - and maced him unnecessarily? 

So tell me what you think?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Macing kids? Hmmm, I'm not sure about that. And interesting they confiscated video? Sounds like they had a tight lid on what really happened. Alternatively, I hope the kids learned they can't do stuff like that without consequences.

  2. I am somewhat reluctant to always think the police are acting in the best interests of all concerned....I'd like to think they are...what bothers me, and I admit, I am an old fogie, is the disrespect for food. Food, that so many people in history and in the world have needed to survive. I truly believe in our country the "throw-away" attitude is long overdue for an update. I'd like to see a nation-wide effort to educate and teach our children that food is to be cherished, shared and respected and not used as an instrument for fun or mayhem. Many cultures have starved and would give their right arms for a crust of see kids throwing good food at each other is a sad commentary on our lifestyle and culture....just one old lady's opinion....