Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's time for another edition of THIRSTY THURSDAY!

That's right fellow bloggers - it's time to play another round of Thirsty Thursday!

This weeks edition of Thirsty Thursday is going to be dedicated to some of Ms.Bee's favorite things.

So without further adieau - first on is Trader Joe's new Guacamole Hummus - all I can say is if you like either RUN to the nearest Trader's - this stuff is to die for!

Next on my list:

Now Ms.Bee should probably tell you that she has a healthy supply of hair products and loves to try new things - but this Hemp Mud (yes that's right Hemp) - is a must have at all times - it makes a bad hair day good!

Coming in at #3:

LOVE LOVE LOVE my bareMinerals powder foundation!  Feels like you have nothing on and covers very well - can't leave home without it!

Next up:

My new favorite Yankee Candle - Dune Grass - smells heavenly! 

Rounding out the list are my new flip flops:

Ms.Bee should probably say that Ms.Foot Doctor has told me these are a NO-NO - I had new orthotics cast today to the tune of $400.00 - Ms.Foot Doctor told me these are not to be worn unless I am sitting!  Since that never happens might as well kiss these goodbye for now.........Ms.Bee is going to miss her flip flops!


  1. Don't get rid of those flippies! Someday your feet will be fabulously cured and you can wear them again.

  2. Can you believe that Denver does not have a freakin' Trader Joe's? It's a sin.

  3. Man- bummer on the new flip flops! Will be heading to Trader Joe's for the hummus, too!