Monday, May 10, 2010

My TV Mother Stunt Double

On Friday my sister Meg, over at did a Mother's Day Edition Diddy.  When we convened over the weekend at the Cape Cod Retreat - we laughed with my Mom about how Meg thought that June Cleaver was my grandmother and Mrs.Cunningham was my Mom!  I wondered out loud why Meg didn't have a TV Mom for me?  "What no comparision for Ain't Miss Beehaven?" I asked.

Well no said Meg, she didn't really know which TV Mom I was.  But my Mom being my Mom KNEW exactly who I am - she always has.

And I have to say............I TOTALLY agree!

Instead of "Oh Ray you're a jerk!" - It's "Oh Joe you threw my fricking shoes away, what kind of idiot are you?"

Hope you all had a WICKED good Mothers Day - I did - The Man's Man was very good to me!

PS. Debra would never say wicked being from New York - but being from Boston - It's all WICKED good!

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  1. I love that you agree - you are Deborah along with the Romano in-laws...always in your life...and thank God....they're wonderful people..and Ray aka. Man's Man is perfect in the role..always trying to please and do the right thing....thank you Man's Man - You've always been another son...since God knows when....Thanks to you both for all your caring....Love, mum