Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One word challenge from Little Miss Sunshine State

I received this special award from

Little Miss Sunshine State last week!

Thank you LMSS for bestowing this special award upon me!

Cell phone? Samsung

Hair? highlighted

Mother? giving

Father? Missed

Favorite Food? Cheese

Dream last night? strange

Drink? water

Dream/Goal? happiness

Room you are in? family

Hobby? blogging

Fear? Snakes

Where do you see yourself in 6 years? happy

Something you are not? serious

Favorite Muffins? tripleberry

Wish list item? europe

Where did you grow up? MA

What is the last thing you ate? crackers

What are you wearing? Sweatshirt

Favorite TV Show? Office

Pets? Carson

Friends? many

Your life? Changing

Your mood? happy

Facebook? Yes

Favorite place to eat? Mother Anna's

Missing Someone? Dad

Your vehicle? pilot

What you aren't wearing? Shoes

Favorite Store? Kohls

Favorite Color? Green

Last time you laughed? yesterday

Last time you cried? Sunday

Best friend? my sister

Place you go to over and over? grocery

Now if I may and I hope they don't mind - I will like to forward this award to:

Blue Skies and Yellow Dogs and

Dawn in Austin

Hope you girls will play along and amuse us!


  1. Best friends and bloggers! Green is my favorite color too. Could it be the Irish in us?

  2. Can I be an honorary sister? We sure have a lot in common!


    Cell phone? quiet

    Hair? Goose

    Mother? Love

    Father? Not

    Favorite Food? Mashers

    Dream last night? none

    Drink? Vodka

    Dream/Goal? peace

    Room you are in? kitchen

    Hobby? photography

    Fear? none

    Where do you see yourself in 6 years? Colorado

    Something you are not? shy

    Favorite Muffins? GMT

    Wish list item? 24-70mm

    Where did you grow up? suburbs

    What is the last thing you ate? Lettuce

    What are you wearing? Slippers

    Favorite TV Show? Southland

    Pets? ABSOLUTELY!!

    Friends? Hundreds

    Your life? Fab

    Your mood? Busy

    Facebook? Sigh

    Favorite place to eat? Moomksers'

    Missing Someone? Gush

    Your vehicle? 4-runner

    What you aren't wearing? Bra

    Favorite Store? Amazon

    Favorite Color? Blue

    Last time you laughed? < 1min.

    Last time you cried? PMS

    Best friend? Sista!

  4. Bee,

    How nice of you to drop by and check on us yesterday...

    YES! The first birthday was the hardest. Almost harder then Christmas..but we got through ((I think))

    I was finally able to post lots of pictures from the past couple of days last night and I think the post turned out okay.

    It has been a hard couple of months...and I really appreciate the fact that you stopped by to say hello again.

    I am also glad to see you have blog that I can come to and check on you too.