Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ain't Miss-Beehaven has a new job!

Good Morning - haven't had much to write about since my new love came into my life - I haven't had a chance to make much more than pizza dough either because I had a sick son and sick son gave sore throat to Mom who hasn't felt all that well!

But starting today (because I sat around all day yesterday taking a break) things are about to change 'round here!  Miss Bee got layed off the other day - and she could NOT be happier!  Of course timing is everything and the Man's Man got a big promo last week when his boss was let go - so that makes more room for me to wiggle - ah cook - and just play Mom for a bit!  I can stay home for a bit and cook to my hearts content!  Just me and my mixer!  Maybe if my foot behaves (because IT mis-behaves ALOT) I can get out walking with my good friend Deb again (Hi Deb - feel free to comment!) and get some exercise - which doesn't happen when you work 9 hour days and have 2 kids looking for food the minute you walk in the door at night! 

Miss Bee is tired of coming home to this: 

And this:  (notice the Boston Bruins sleeping bag hanging over the dining chairs - lovely look, if you live in a college dorm!

I spent a good deal of time yesterday thinking about what I want - and honestly I want to help my little guy with his homework and not feel stressed about it - I want to cook something healthy for my boys at night and not be microwaving hot pockets!  I want to watch my now 6'1" boy play varsity Lacrosse this spring because darn it I spent alot of time the last 2 years making Lacrosse happen in this town - and I think thats the least I deserve!  Plus he makes his Mom so proud - I love you "Air Lombardi" :)  He is going to be through high school in 2 years and I want to spend time with him - he's almost out of the nest!  Plus at this age these kids need supervision you know!  More than ever!

But most of all I don't want to come home to a mountain of laundry every single night of my life!  And that's what we've been reduced too since I started working these long days!   I think I've been blessed at just the right time to make some moves so that the family can operate on a more even keel - now don't get me wrong - I am not June Cleaver but there are alot of things that aren't getting done here and that is about to change!

So starting today I've hired myself to work at home!  It doesn't pay very well but the rewards will be so worth it!  I will get to help the little guy Matt with his homework - which by the way the 1st grader seems to have more that the 10th grader - what's wrong with that?  I will get to watch Pat, who is now officially taller that his dad - play Lacrosse this spring - GO HAWKS!  I love to watch these games - all the kids make me so proud - it was so worth the 2 years of fundraising $30,000 to get the program off the ground!  

Unless they behave like this and strip down to their cup shorts on a VERY hot day in early May!

My first chore this morning will be to get "the animal going" - No kidding I have the Dyson Animal - and with Carson I empty that container at least 2x a week - now probably 4x a week!  Note the animal next to Carson - poor thing doesn't have a space of it's own in this house because it's too busy working all the time!

Do you notice the coffee table turned on it's side in the background?  That's the official knee hockey rink there in my living room! 

My animal (the electric purple one) - is going to get a work out today - just as soon as I get back from getting my blood done at the Dr's office, stop at the store to pick up a few things, run to the hardware store to get pellets for the pellet stove, and whatever else needs to be done - I probably should schedule that colonoscopy the Dr wants me to have - But not today because I'll be out Miss-Beehaven - and I won't be singing the blues!  (probably not tomorrow either because really who jumps up and thinks "oh I MUST schedule that colonoscopy TODAY!)

Have a great day - I am!

Note to Mom - please don't call me at go "oh honey that's too bad you got layed off - oh gee, oh no"  We're AOK and I am happy as a pig in SH**!  I can't continue at the pace I've set - my kids are suffering and our home life is too - it's time to make family come first - timing IS everything!  Thank the good lord!


  1. Ain't Miss Beehavin! I think you just made yourself a giant pitcher of lemonade from a pile of lemons! Congratulations on ditching a 9 hour work day!

    Hmm, could this mean trouble for sisters? (In a good way)

  2. I'm Sorry.

    NO I'M NOT! I'm happy for you. especially if it won't be a financial hardship.

    My kids really liked me to be home after school, when they were teenagers.

    We've recently discovered lacrosse. My daughter's best friend is a dancer for the pro lacrosse team Orlando Titans, which used to be the New York Titans. It's really exciting to watch, but OH MY! FIGHTS! PUNCHING! SHIRT-RIPPING!

    My BostonSister-Peeps could always plan a field trip to visit me in Orlando!

  3. What a serendipitious turn of events....Yes, nine hours workdays are insane - what the hell is wrong with corporate America? Now, with the Man's Man new promo, you can be a SAHM and really get to use your new mixer....and shine the silver in your spare time!!! I think this is a good thing - you can really join the rest of America - unemployed for awhile. Things happen for the best....and as you so wisely stated - you can be there for the boys.....the most important job ever. The best is yet to come......Love, mum

  4. I wish I had that "job"!!! Looking forward to seeing what culinary creations you will be making!

  5. Congrats on getting laid off.

    I was downsized earlier this year to two days a week (get that--a two-day work week, five-day weekend!). As of right now I'm working six days a week at two jobs (three of those are half-days) and loving it. This is temporary, though, while I'm filling in for someone on sick leave.

    During the time my girls were growing up, I worked 12+ hour days. Take the time you've been gifted with your boys and run with it. That time never comes back . . . Cheers to you!

  6. Hi Bee,
    Just catching up with you from Florida. I think it is great that you will be home when the boys come home. I think the will love seeing that happy face when they yell---"Mum, I'm home--whatch baking?"
    Mrs Foley