Monday, February 22, 2010

The Man's Man

Today I'd like to talk about the Man's Man - commonly known around here as Joe.

I don't say a whole lot about Joe because he's a pretty private person - he doesn't like the whole world to know his business - but for today we're gonna peak inside Joe's world just a little bit - because I can - and I want to. It's my prerogative.........and I'm not Bobby Brown.

Joe and I have been together almost 30 years. Yes, it's true - we have been dating since I was 16 years old and married 22 years this year. We're old!

My Mom once told me when I was mad at Joe that you can always tell a man by the way he treats his parents. Joe's parents both passed away relatively young at 71 and 69 respectively. He was always there for them and wonderful to both of them through all their health issues. Score 1 for Joe.

Joe decided when the kids were really young that he wanted to go back to school and learn to be a Network Engineer. Joe went to school 2 nights a week and all day Saturday for a year. He passed the class but then had to take 6 or 7 really hard tests to get his Microsoft certification - he talked to lots of folks who bailed on this after 2 tests - or never even completed the schooling because it was too hard - not Joe - he finished the course - passed ALL the tests and became a certified Microsoft Network Engineer - got himself a new job - traded up for another - got layed off - had a heart attack (yes he really did on Fathers day - the day before he was to start a new job) - almost died - didn't. Thankfully he survived and has worked for the same company since. Since that day 7 years ago - we have had alot of ups and downs both personally and professionaly - but we are still together so something must work! Score 1 for Joe.

Recently Joe was promoted from Director of IT to something more - we're not sure what the more really is yet - but basically Joe is in charge of the entire IT department worldwide. It's a pretty big deal even though I don't let him think I'm impressed - don't want to make him think he's too much of a big wheel you know! Score 1 for Joe

Just for today (and only today - after today it's back to cracking the whip) I would like to pay homage to Joe - because he's worked really hard to be the best he can. He NEVER accepts less than 110 percent from himself. Score 1 for Joe

Joe is always challenging himself to do more - be better etc. Last summer he rode a 2 day - 150 mile bike ride to raise money for MS - my Mother inlaw suffered from MS and has been gone now for 15 years - but Joe never forgets - and has always wanted to do something to honor her memory - he finally did - and I think he really enjoyed every mile of that ride! Score 2 for Joe because that was 75 miles each day!

He was a great son inlaw to my Dad (Mom too) always helping both of them, or would just sit and have a drink with my Dad - they enjoyed each others company and I am so grateful to him for being so good to my Dad. They had a special bond. Score 1 for Joe.

Joe is also a very good Dad - my boys never had to worry about Dad coming home or being around on the weekends - when he's not working he dedicates his time to the boys! Score 1 for Joe.

He's a pretty good husband too - most of the time! Except when I don't get my own way! Score 1 for Joe.

Total score for Joe 9.5 - .5 is a bonus 1/2 point because I love him - if he takes me to Europe for our 25th - I'll give him a perfect 10!

Love you Joe - congrats on the new job - I AM very proud of you!


  1. All that and he is a Cutie-Patootie on top it!

  2. 10-10-10-10 for all the many things he's done for Dad and I over the years. Where to begin? I couldn't count the projects he's completed or all the ways he's been so helpful to me. Of course, the fact that he chose to marry our daughter is his crowning achievement or should I say you chose to marry him? He's the best of the best and I am happy to call him not just son-in-law, but son and an all round fine fellow. What would I do without him.....Love, Mum

  3. Joe definetely scores a 10 as best brother-in-law! Or as I like to call him, the brother I never had.
    Plus that Godzilla imitation sends me over the edge every time he does it!

  4. Sounds like a great guy. Does he have a clone, by any chance?

  5. Make that definitely! How can I post stuff like this after admonishing myself about grammar last week!

  6. Joe sounds so wonderful! I always admire when two people can stay together for so long. I think they only person who still knows me from with I was 16 is my mom. And even she didn't like me for a while. (Not her fault!) Totally mine and I'm forever thankful she is forgiving.

    Anyway, congrats to you, happy couple!

  7. What a fine tribute to a great Hubby---I am so happy for you. That is what it is all about---helping each other. Spounds like you have a Best friend also.
    Mrs. Foley

  8. Wow ... I always knew he was a good guy. You are VERY lucky. I have been single now so long folks must be thinkin' I'm gay .... LOL .... I had no idea he had a heart attack!! Too young, much too young.
    Keep it up, I know it is hard job to keep a relationship up and running.

    et :)