Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do you believe in miracles?

Well if you do you've come to the right blog today!  I believe in miracles - I watched this guy above in 1980 and he stole my heart!  Talk about having heart!

OK I admit it - I love hockey!  I've loved the game since I was a little girl and Bobby Orr stole my heart!  Yes - I fell in love at age 7!  He was a close second to my Dad!  Bobby if you're reading this - I still love you!  You're still as cute today as you were 1972 when you helped bring "The Cup" to Boston!

I remember my sister with her cat eye glasses and her Derek Sanderson tee shirt - I remember my Nana bringing us Bruins souvenirs because she was a housekeeper for a Bruins big wig and I think she got the loot from him!  We'd all gather in front of the TV to watch the "Big, Bad Bruins" fight it out on Sunday afternoons!  The fun we had!  Good times, good memories!

Today the USA faces Canada for the Gold - It's going to be an exciting game - It's going to be a fast paced, in your face kinda hockey!  They'll be lots of yelling from this part of the country - because the Man's Man likes to yell at the TV!  Me - I've got some delectable delights ready for the game and a little booze too - because really what's hockey without booze?

GO USA - Bring home the GOLD!


  1. Derek Sanderson was a HOTTIE!
    I never liked to watch hockey, because my parents had a black and white TV and I couldn't follow the puck.Then I discovered my love of football and forgot about hockey.

    A few years ago we got a 52-in TV and Holy Hockey Puck! I could follow a game!

  2. I've been to a couple of hockey games, but football is more my speed.

    My mom already told me that Canada won. Because I have been bad and not watching the Olympics, I didn't even know hockey was on.

  3. I can still VIVIDLY remember it - 10th grade, sitting on the floor of my family room, crying my eyes out! Oh, and I had a crush on all of them!!

  4. Alright, so we didn't win the gold - but being married to a Canadian, I sure am happy for our friends to the north. How awesome for them that they won the gold in both women AND men's hockey AND on home soil, to boot?

    I remember that Wally & Frank's room at our house in Maynard had a Bruin motif. At least I remember a Bruin's lamp. I'm absolutely CERTAIN there was a lamp. And an odd odor.

    Then again, don't all boys' rooms stink??

  5. PS: You don't like baked beans???

    How can you be from Boston and not liked baked beans?? Isn't that like being from Boston and not liking the Red Sox?? :)

  6. LMSS - Yes everyone loved Derek!

    Dawn - it's ok - you're from Texas where Football is King!

    Zadge - crying huh? You're so cool!

    Jen - well yes boys rooms do stink - but Lysol and an open window every now and then do wonders! I remember Frank and Wally's room too - actually I can go through every room in that house in my mind - I remember the orange bedspreads in Beth/Eileens room - I remember the wallpaper in the bathroom off the kitchen - why is it I can't remember what I ate yesterday?

    As for baked beans - let me tell you a little story - I never liked them - one Saturday evening in a certain kitchen nook in Maynard - we were served "franks and beans" traditional Sat night dinner - well Miss Bee didn't like beans - but the lady of the house insisted that we eat what was put on our plates - I was the last one was painful to swallow those beans! I really wished Akrow? was an indoor dog - I could have slipped them to him! Needless to say I never recovered from my baked bean nightmare - but I still love the lady who ran that house - she is a real Saint!

  7. Nothing said fashion like those cat eye glasses. I still have the Orr on Ice book Nana gave me in junior high, with all my Bruins autographs stuck inside.

  8. We were all hockey fans back then and even got a certain Mrs. C. interested and she became a huge fan."When is the next game" she'd inquire - I remember once taking a TV outside because it was MAY and 90 degrees to watch playoffs....didn't work out well. So many goals, so many cheers, so many happy days.....Mum

  9. You are much too young to remember Bobby Orr!
    It must have been menapause that made me "encourage " you to clean your plate.
    Mrs F.

  10. Mrs. F - I was 7 years old when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup! I remember! My long term memory is still intact!

    Don't worry about the beans - I don't feel like I'm missing anything! I prefer to remember the many, many pans of O'Henrys that came out of that kitchen!

    Thanks for stopping by!