Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's give it up for my cousin Eliza!

Hey Everyone -

I'm going to take a minute to tell you about my cousin Eliza - she's a single Mom (divorced) who moved to the South West from the Boston area with her parents in their retirement some 20 years ago.  She raised her daughter by herself while being my Aunt and Uncle's sole support system.  My Aunt passed away in 2008 - she donated her body to science - sometimes I think she did this because my cousin has Type 1 diabetes - she was diagnosed at the age of 9 and has struggled with the disease since then.  Now in her late 40's - her insulin is no longer controlable - she has an insulin pump but it's just not cutting the mustard anymore.    So - she's going to San Francisco to have an islet tranplant - if you don't know what that is - read her blog - you'll learn a whole bunch of stuff that you never knew about Type 1 diabetes! 

PS - notice she has a yellow lab too?  Think we have a little bit in common? :)

So I have a little favor to ask!  - If you could - give a shout out to Eliza this week before she leaves for SF on Saturday for her initial 3 day workup before her transplant - she's been accepted into the program and will have the transplant done there at the U of SF.  She'll be leaving on Saturday (I think) for her initial 3 day work up of tests and what not.  She'll have to leave her college age daugher behind as she has school and work.  She will also be leaving my Uncle who is getting on in years and requires much attention - she does all the care for him as well!  She also works full time!  She rocks and could really use some support from any and all woman - she and her Mom were VERY close and she misses her Mom - especially right now with all this stuff going on - so if you could - just drop in and say hi - good luck - wish you well - I am woman hear me roar!  She will SO much love to hear from other woman who rock too!  And we all do!

Eliza's blog is:

Drop in and wish her well - she rocks and could use all our support!

You rock ET - your about to embark on your journey and we support you 100 percent!


  1. Wishing Eliza all the best! Will drop in to her blog. And she obviously has a sweet yellow lab angel watching over her!!!

  2. Good for you Bridget....Yes, Eliza needs all the support she can get for this cutting edge transplant. She's very brave and needs support from anyone and everyone. Love, Mum

  3. I'll pop over there and wish her success in this treatment.

  4. Wow ... Bridget ... you sure do know how to make the well water!!! I am deeply touched by all your enthusiasm and support!! YOU ROCK!!
    Your words are so very touching to me ... and yes, a follower on my blog (Kathy from Ohio) posted last night stating she remembers when she made this trip .... with her mom. Got me to thinking how much my mother would be all over this and making me just feel like I was the world and that was going to make me even better!! She was my biggest fan and I know she was very proud of me and the way I have dealt with the issues in my life. Thank you Sweet Bee!!