Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscar's and other disturbing news

Don't be afraid - don't be scared - It's only Ben Stiller dressed up as some character from weirdo James Cameron's recent hit movie Avatar - a movie I have not seen and may never see because Ms.Bee is not a movie buff - I can't even tell you the last time I went to the movies - I think it was maybe "The Perfect Storm" - really - maybe a kids movie in between there somewhere!  I prefer to watch movies in my own home where I can stop and start as I want - and fall asleep and get up the next morning and finish watching the movie.

This morning I was going to talk about the Oscar's but after reading The Zadge's take on the Oscars ( and knowing my sister Meg at the Members Lounge ( cannot pass up an opportunity to comment of fashion and flare - I just know I will not come off nearly as funny or witty as these 2 ladies!  They both crack me up!

So instead this morning I am going to ask a few questions and see what others think about a very serious topic.  This past week a beautiful young girl named Chelsea King from San Diego was found after having gone missing - now another beautiful girl Amber Dubois has been reported found this morning after missing for over a year.  Authorities are saying these cases could linked

This scum bag is being held in Chelsea's death and questioned in Ambers.  John Gardner is his name.

I do not and will never understand what possesses these sexual predators to do the things they do - I just don't get it.  What I also don't get is why these sicko's are always released back into society and then end up murdering?  Why are the laws so lenient?  It pains me to see these families suffering - I can't imagine what they are going through.  I don't know what I would do if it were my child.  I just don't know.

So what do you think about the laws that put these sicko's back on the streets in a few short years?

Do you believe in the death penalty?

I think the laws are much too lenient - and I do believe in the Death penalty.  I was raised a good Catholic girl and don't think this goes along with the teachings of the Catholic Church but since I also don't believe in the Immaculate Conception, The Annunciation, and I believe in a woman's right to choose - I guess I am not a very good Catholic?  Oh well - I believe in God, and I believe in a higher being - and I believe scum bags like the guy above should be put in general population at San Quentin - until they get their turn in the chair, if they last that long. 

There I said it - I can't take it back - it's what I believe - it may not be popular - but sometimes we have to take the road less traveled even though it may not be the most popular. 


  1. Bee, I have been against the death penalty for years, knowing that I could never, ever be the one to pull the plug on someone's life . . . but this guy may just be the exception to that rule. What he's done is horrible beyond belief, and I doubt we know the half of what he and his kind have done yet. I regret so deeply what these parents have to face. I, too, can't imagine how I'd feel if it were one of my daughters.

    I don't understand how one human being could do this to another.

    (BTW having written the first line above, I too wholeheartedly support a woman's right to choose . . . )

  2. I am very new to this blog and I really wanted to comment. I am pro death penalty (in Slovenia, where I live, the maximum penalty is 30 years, some get 8 years for killing an entire family!)for crimes against the body like rape, murder, pedophilia, genocides... No, that won't bring the dead back, but the ones who take somebody's life should pay with their own.

  3. Research has long confirmed that sexual predators are recidivists and it's not a question of Will they do it again but When? The scumbags should NEVER see the light of day again.

    Oh, and thanks for the shoutout on my Oscar post!

  4. You provoke deep thoughts today! On one hand, I never felt bad that someone like Timothy McVeigh was executed. On the other hand, I keep thinking of those guys that were freed by Project Innocence. It starts to become biblical when I think about it.....

  5. Well - I TOTALLY understand why people don't share my view - let me expound and say that I am not for the death penalty unless DNA proves beyond a reason doubt - and I think it should be checked twice!

    Judi - you've been stopping by frequently - thank you! I too cannot imagine what it would take to pull the switch - but I do know there are scum out there that deserve it.

    Sandra - thanks for stopping by from Slovania - I am surprised by the lenient laws there! Please stop by again!

    Meg - You are correct about Project Innocence and it gives one perspective on the issue. It is an issue that divides that is for sure. I am not someone who thinks we should go around giving the chair or whatever to every criminal -but I do believe that sexual predators should be executed. Who in their right mind wants to rape a 6 year old? That is just SICK! It makes my stomach turn to think about such animals.