Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok - I've seen it all! Breathable chocolate?

Ok I just saw this little gadget on the news and all I can say is WTF?  (sorry Mom)

Seriously - if I'm gonna have chocolate I'm gonna eat it - not breathe it!  Some Einstein Harvard Professor invented these so you can have a whif of chocolate or rasberry chocolate or mint chocolate!  Hmmm - yeah lets all stand around and do "whifs" of chocolate - next thing you know we'll all be in chocolate rehab! 

Let's see there's Sex rehab
Alcohol rehab
Prescription drug rehab
Street drug rehab
Food rehab
There's body part rehab if you have an injury; not to be confused with plastic surgery!  Probably a few others I have yet to uncover!

For crying out loud - aren't there enough rehabs in this country without having to start a chocolate one? Might as well start a family rehab too while we're at it!

"Yes - hello I'm addicted to my family - I'd like to come spend 30 days and kick my habit! And please provide lots of spa treatments and great food - also since I'm not coming for alcohol addiction - please make sure they're plenty of booze!" - I'm available to check in immediately - and I have good insurance!

Off to the store - to buy some REAL chocolate - I don't want to get addicted to snorting the shit!


  1. That's why I don't burn those Yankee Candles that smell like Banana Bread or Apple Pie! I would be compelled to make the real thing and then eat it all.

  2. I am not a fan of snorting anything really. I would make a very bad coke addict. And yay for finding another blogger in the Boston area. But really, you hate baked beans? And they didn't revoke your membership?

  3. Well MidlifeMama - I love lobster and Sam Adams light - does that make up for my hate of beans? :)