Friday, March 12, 2010

Ms.Bee's Pet Peeve

Can you identify the image below:

That's right people it's a shopping cart!

Do you know what we do with shopping carts?

We happily return them to their proper place!

The shopping cart corral!  If you place your cart back in it after you unload it - you will get a gold star from Ms.Bee - because it seems everyone in this area is L-A-Z-Y - say it with me now  - LAZY!  Really people how difficult is it to take an extra 10 steps and put the cart back so that it doesn't roll away and end up butt up against the side of Ms.Bee's SUV?  I'm going to propose the following to my local market to do away with this growing problem in my community.  I'm going to ask the store to "rent" shopping carts - you pay $1.00 to rent your cart then when you return it to the corral - you get your $1.00 back! Easy right?  I'll bet it solves the problem because I am amazed at what people will do for a dollar!

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to put your shopping cart back in the corral - Ms. Bee thanks you.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Ain't Miss Beehaven.


  1. This is right up there on my list along with idiot drivers who turn on their signal AS THEY ARE TURNING!!

  2. I like your PSA! We should both do more of these! Or are we already outspoken enough?

  3. Could/would you consider doing the Oprah pledge? She's got people pledging to not texting or engaging in cell phone usage whilst driving. It's a good thing, as Martha would say...And, returning ones' cart to the "corral" is also a good thing and something responsible people do. Operative word here is "responsible." Something one learns in kindergarten or first grade and if one hasn't learned this - it's a lesson lost. I'm so pleased to know I've passed on "responsible." Thank you....Love, Your Mother

  4. I agree totally. We have a store in SC called ALDIS and they charge 25 cents for a shopping cart and when you bring it back you get your 25cents. Of course in Florida, the people here are really old, and I think most of them should not be driving---but they do. They leave the carts all over the place so you have to be especially careful.
    Wish your son good luck for me in his Hockey tournament.
    Mrs. F

  5. Here in Abu Dhabi, we have to rent the shopping cart. I think it's a lovely idea!! It really works, too.