Thursday, December 16, 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted in 2 weeks!  Busy time of year!

Ron emailed me the other day and asked me where I've been?  Can you imagine - a total stranger who I know only in the blogging world emails me to ask me wudda up?  (just like that)  - what a guy that Ron is - the little woman is a lucky lady!  So here's a shout out to you Ron - you're a stand up guy for looking out for your blogging friends!  If you've never read Ron's blog - check him out - he's a wild and crazy guy - funny too! :)

So - lots of stuff going on - went to Virginia weekend before last to visit my sisters sister-in law - got that?  Good - we had a nice visit - my sisters niece is cool - she let me have her bed - it's more comfortable than my own - I got to sleep with this little guy too!

You don't know Jack!

It seems I have a way with dogs - I guess I just relate to them - we hold great conversations together - they always agree with me, don't talk back, just shake and nod their heads!  In my next life I'm coming back as a dog because I think I could really rock the dating world as a dog - me and my friend "The Zadge" would be rockin fun from Boston to Denver and back again!

In other news - I spent the day in the ER with my oldest yesterday....still aren't totally sure what's going on - he was put on steroids on Sunday for poison ivy - texted me from school Monday and said he couldn't pee!  We took him to the ER where they had to cath him!  You can only imagine what that was like for a 16 year old!  He was in alot of pain!  The first ER Dr told us his prostate was enlarged!  After a 5 hour dog and pony show at the ER the Urologist showed up and said "I'm not sure it's enlarged" - OK Dr's way to yank us around now - now how about we do some blood work to start????  Seriously I had to tell them to do blood work?   Let's just say Ms.Bee was SERIOUSLY pissed off (yes, Mom I know I'm using bad language again) - but I was PISSED off - and was 5 minutes away from signing the kid out and driving down the road to Boston!  My Pediatrician even encouraged me too!  She was PO'd too!  However we did like the Dr that finally showed up and he works out of our local hospital and Lahey Clinic - supposedly 1 of the top 100 hospitals????  I love Lahey Clinic I really do - as a family we've received some wonderful care there - my Dad was brought there when he was first diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis, My husband was brought there after he had a heart attack - he has received excellent care from the cardiologists there, but for the love of GOD making at appt there is not an easy task!  I guess because it's a teaching hospital!  The good Dr asked me to bring Pat there on Friday so he could see him and remove the cath - ok Dr no problem!  However it seems your staff wants to police you and because I can't get the same nice lady I talked to the first time I tried to book an appt - Lady #2 seems to think my son only needs to see the nurse - well I think if that were the case the good Dr would not have asked us to come to Lahey on Friday!  Well - long story short is I called back the good Dr's other office at our local hospital and just booked him in for today!  Hopefully we won't be turned away because I think then I might have to sign poor Pat into the psych ward!  He's been a trooper, and we've had a few laughs throughout the week - but the kid needs his life back - and he needs to get back to school!

This is turning into a LONG post huh?

In other news - only 8 more days till Christmas?  I think I am almost ready although the Christmas cards are not finished and sitting on my dining room table that isn't actually in a dining room because we have a "great" room or something like that!  On that note I think I should probably finish these cards and get them out the door!


  1. Now that's a lot of exclamation points! What a couple of weeks - poor Pat! Wishing him a speedy recovery!

  2. Para one: Thank you too much.

    Para Two: Whoa, When I lived in the redwood forest south of San Fran and got into some poison oak. I was cutting it down on purpose in December b/c I just assumed it went dormant. NOT!!!! Son of a bad mamya I got it everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Know how much fun it is to get it everywhere? Not very, I tell ya.

    Para three: The Little Woman and I are decorating the rocking chair. Pics to follow.

  3. Susan said what I was going to say! Poor Pat, I do hope everything is resolved soon. Last year my husband had to wear a cath after his prostate surgery. He did not like it. At all. Sounds like Pat is more of a trooper then a grown man!

  4. OK, deep breath! Everyone is AOK and never worry if the cards are a little late. Poor Pat, if he only knew the blogosphere cares about his family jewels!

    Ron, you rock checking up on us gals up North!