Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a wonderful life........

I'm an Angel in disguise - I want to have a glimpse into my life as if I've never been born! Oh wait - no - that's Jimmy Stewart - you know George in our all time Christmas classic............

Is it a wonderful life?  Ah - most of the time it is.  We have more than most - we have a nice home, warm clothing, good food - we get to do enough fun stuff to keep us all happy right?  Why are we never satisfied then?  I think I know why....

Because we've become a society of "gimmies" gimmie this gimmie that, gimmie gimmie gimmie - I want trips, I want designer cloths, I want I want - I see it everywhere and frankly it disgusts me - I like nice things too - I do - and usually when I buy something I try to buy good stuff - These are a few of my favorite things:

Dansko clogs
Egyptian cotton sheets
My Kitchen Aid Convection Oven
Stoli Vodka (or a reasonable facsimile)

You get the idea,

I do not own a Coach bag - I know I know - it's true!  I have owned designer purses before - but these days my kids are involved in so many expensive things I just don't feel I can justify it - and frankly I don't care! 

I was out getting a gift card today and saw the "Skull Candy" ear phones that I know my kids could use - but you what?  I put them back!  I said to myself "enough already" - they don't really need them that bad and if they do - well they can use their hard earned Christmas bucks for them!  We've bought and paid for enough!  I was in Target too where I saw a Grandmother buying a sled for a grandchild - the cashier asked her if she needed a gift receipt and the woman said no!  Tuff!  That's what she said and I laughed!  I then proceeded to tell the woman and the cashier that all these kids have too much stuff and I'm guilty overindulging my kids indeed - but I also feel I know when to stop - like when I run out of cash!  Yes that is another fact - I do not charge 1 thing at Christmas - we pay cold hard cash for everything!  And when the cashola is gone - well so are the presents! 

So - the Christmas cash machine it now on empty kids - what you get is what you get - but It is a Wonderful life you live - rejoice and give thanks!


  1. AMEN! I do the same thing, no charging. One of the cool things that we do is use my husbands AmEx points to get the big ticket items for the kids. It has worked out wonderful! Then I have a set amount for the rest of Christmas (and that includes any decorations I want).