Friday, January 22, 2010

Some random Friday thoughts.....

Hi Everyone - It's Friday - Woo-Hoo!  Happy Friday!

Went to see the Dr today - everything is going well and I am free to move about the cabin - just can't lift anything - yet!

Why do people play with their cell phones in the Dr's office? 

Why are people so rude in the store?  I was in Trader Joe's earlier and I swear everyone with the exception of 2 woman took their I AM RUDE pills today!  They cut you off - step in front of you - knock you over and never - never say excuse me! 

How did the world start?  Like how did people start?  My 7 year old asked me this morning - I told him Adam and Eve had a family and so on and so on - where does this kid come up with these questions????  He befuddles me!

And finally - what's everyone having for cocktail hour tonight?  I'm having some red wine because it's good for me - the Dr says so!  Dr.Oz too!  The Man's Man and I are having a little date tonight while Mr. Matt goes to the movies with a friend and his Dad - not sure what I'm up for other than the wine but I know it will taste wonderful if I don't have to answer 50 questions while I'm eating!

Happy Friday!

Ain't Miss-Beehaven


  1. Oh? We were supposed to wait till tonight for happy hour? My bad.

    (Vodka tonics)

  2. I am cooking with wine which means I'm drinking it. Now.

    Hey Bee, why is the sky blue?

  3. Dawn - it's ok - cocktail hour starts whenever you want on Friday's - has the school bus gone by? If so then it's time - if not - well it's time anyway!

    Hey Meg - I wish I knew!

  4. Grey Goose martini up with 3 olives. Oh, and I'm so jealous that you were at Trader Joe's - none in Denver!!!

  5. No Trader's in Denver? That is sacrilege! I seriously love that place more and more everytime I go there! They make my life easy during the week! Plus the olive oil! Half the price of the grocery store!

    Grey goose martini you say? 3 Olives? I seriously think we could be best friends!

  6. While you were getting your wine on last night, I picked up an extra shift at work.

    A word of advice. Get that college fund nice and fat. NOW!