Monday, January 25, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of the whole enchilada

Ever wonder why people in the Northeast suffer from depression this time of year more than other parts of the country?  Because it's either cold, cloudy, snowing or raining!  Not a great way to start a Monday - but hey - it's another Monday that I breathe so I guess it's not all bad!


  1. New England climate was one of my primary reasons for leaving. I need to see blue skies on an almost daily basis.

    Don't know if you follow figure skating, but saw the news about Nancy Kerrigan's dad. So sad.

    Do you and Meg have facebook pages?

  2. Well LMSS didn't you live on Cape Cloud with Cape Cod kid? Of course the weather sucks!

    Saw the news - it's all they're talking about -feel bad for the family - looks like the dirtball brother just got out of jail.

    Do you have a generic email that I can send you our full email address to? Megs and mine email addresses are our names! Or you can send yours to Meg's website and we'll friend ya!

  3. Yesterday I wore a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops. I don't know who decided that winter had to be cold, but I'm not buying it. :)

  4. Oh Dawn - flip flops are my shoe of choice - I'm SO jealous! I was just thinking yesterday how nice it will be to pull the sandels out again - sometime in May! Of course I don't put them away until November - I like to pretend it's still warm!