Saturday, January 9, 2010

RIP to a friend to all

RIP to my old babysitter and friend Dwight - who lost his battle with cancer on Jan 1.  When I was a little girl (and even a married woman) he always called me Bridgey - always.  Always happy and always willing to help those in need - always finding the good in evil and inspiring those who needed to be inspired.

Dwight was an inspiration to lots of people especially those with disabilities.  You see Dwight lost his leg in a motorcycle accident when he was young.  He was a wild and crazy but fun loving guy.  He got his stuff together, opened his own successful business and explored the world - he skied, scuba dived and didn't let his disability define him.  He was buried today in a sleepy New England town - RIP Dwight - you have been granted your wings and I'm sure are flying high!


  1. That was a nice tribute. Dwight and his brother and sisters were always so kind. I especially loved when his sister Donna would leave a Sky Bar under my pillow every time she babysat. They were those kind of people.

  2. Bridget!! Is it really YOU?! Yay and welcome to the blogosphere - I think you'll love it!

    It's so sad about Dwight. While I don't remember him, I certainly do recall all the stories. My mother adored the French family and is looking for Donna's address. If you happen to have it, could you send me an e-mail?

    Again, welcome welcome & happy New Year! :)