Monday, January 11, 2010

My Tommy

This is my Tommy:  Isn't he cute?  That damn Gizslut rapped him around her arm and made him marry her - there goes my chance at being Mrs.Tom Brady - oh wait - I'm married aren't I?  The Man's Man tells me he's bigger, badder and better looking than Tom anyway - then he laughs!  He's got nerve - My Tommy is bigger, badder and better looking than anyone else in the world!  I heart #12!

Things didn't go too well yesterday down in Foxboro MA for Tommy and the boys - frankly they stunk!  Looked live a bunch of Pop Warner kiddos just learning there way around the field!  However I am mature enough to know that we've got some injuries that are killing the team - and Mr.Kraft and Big Bill need to pick up some big D next year.

So Bob - how about it?  Spend some of that stash of cash you have and get my Tommy some big D for next year ok?  Because without it - we're just another football team.  We don't like average here in Boston - we want to WIN - ALL THE TIME - EVERY TIME!  Now get on that!  Oh - Thanks

Ain't Miss-Behavin!


  1. Excuse me, but are you stealing MY husband Tom Brady?

  2. Excuse me - but he was mine first! You can have the Man's Man!

  3. Oh, don't you really want my man, aka Mr. Snippy?

  4. You're Meg's sister! I thought I recognized the name Miss Bee-havin. Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, it's nice to have you.

    A new year, a new blog...way to go!

    Your family looks like a lot of fun. Boys usually are. :)

  5. I love all you women - I just read!!! Mom to "Miss Ain't MiS'BEEhaven" and "Meg at Member's Lounge" "Amazing Trips" and admit to knowing them all since birth!!! Well, "Amazing Trips" is not my daugher by birth but I knew her before her birth and loved her in her mother's womb...she was always a pistol and came out with a 'BANG' - Hence, Henry, I suspect.

    You are all so clever, eloquent and worthwhile...Keep it up... Us "elders" enjoy your comments and are so happy you hold us in some regard. We really did know what we were doing sometimes....Love your efforts.

  6. I have a Tommy, but he doesn't look like THAT Tommy. That Tommy had an off year. Too many distractions *ahem* Baby from another Mama, G, Baby from G, injury.

    We went to the game in Miami and thought Bill Beli wasn't quite himself either.
    Then Welker out! Just not in the cards this year.

    My brother said He woke up next to Giselle this morning. He's probably over it.

  7. Yo Yo, Lombardi! A disgrace of a game, INDEED. Big Bill and ROBERT had better get their acts in gear, because as you said, we do NOT settle for average 'round these parts!

  8. Dawn - yup that's me - Meg has converted me!

    LMSS - I didn't think Bill was himself this year either! He looks like he's got dementia or something!

    MissSawin - Yoyo - DITTO - INDEED!

    Ain't Miss-Beehavin!

  9. Oh Bossy can relate. To the husbands, she means. Or should she say, the "husbands".