Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Friday thoughts from the Abyss


The Lombardi Forum is up and running!

Yes sir - we're open for business - I'm thinking a hot chocolate stand for the kiddo's and a Kegorator for the adults?  Yes?  Just keeping it real!

In other news my Tommy is playing the NY Jets on Sunday. If you follow football at all you know that most diehard NE fans really despise the Jets!  Plus they have this big ass - isn't he a piece of work shooting his mouth off all week about My Tommy being overrated etc etc - blah blah blah - Rex is gonna get his big fat ASS kicked back to NY via Belechik and CO and that is all I'm gonna say until it's over!

One last thing before I friend The Zadge is having a tough week - her beloved yellow lab Harry has some evil cancer thing going on - she could use a blogger friend or 2 to help her out - since we're all friends here in Blogdom - head on over and give her a big blogger hug - she's sad beyond compare - as I would be too - and I know just knowing that people care helps immensely!  So stop in and say hi and give her a hug!

Harry you're the best boy in the world! :)


  1. Oh, Ms. Bee, you are one great bloggin' Sista!! Thanks for all your kind thoughts! And GO PATS!!

  2. Hugs have been sent as well as whispers to God's ear.

    Nice ice rink! I'm thinking a hot toddy for the grown-ups!

  3. Hope Zadge's dog gets better.

    I gave up my Super Bowl Remote Control when my Saints showed with half a team in the first round of playoffs and lost to Seattle.

  4. I'm with you, Bee, in kicking Rex Ryan's fat ---
    back to NJ!!!
    Thanks for the shout-out to Shone..I can't stop crying...

  5. Ms.Bee has been eating humble pie all is terrible too!

  6. The back yard looks wonderful. I am going to sharpen my figure skates when we come to New England---If we come. Have fun in that yard.
    Mrs. F
    It is so hot in Florida today we have the air on.
    Janet just left to go back to snow country.