Friday, January 28, 2011

Thirsty Friday?

WTF - these working weeks are just flying by!  Work work work!  I really love it! My boss is SO nice - I finally lucked out and found someone who actually values life - and doesn't just think about THEMselves!  Who cares about their employees - and it makes it SO easy to get up in a snow storm and drive 15 miles to work for her!  Who cares if the roads suck!  I got the AWD and I can get there!  I am actually afraid to say I am too happy because I feel like it might jinx me - (pstt - let me tell you a secret - I AM very HAPPY at my new job!)

Moving on - Today is Jan 28 - my Dad passed away 2 years ago today - I remember that night/morning so well - I could write a script - I won't - I will just say - May the wind always be at your back Dad - and may God hold you in the hollow of his hand - you are so very much missed - but we take comfort in the fact that we believe you are in a better place - so tonight I raise my glass in honor of my Dad - cheers Dad! :)  I hope you are having a blast whatever you are doing! 

Did you read Meg's blog today?  If you didn't you should!  She kills me laughing - she has such a way with the whole political thing - she just gets it - she sees the side of things that others miss.............I love it!  And that Jon Stewart - he KILLS me!  That guy is da'bomb!  (Notice that's my word this week?)

Lots of snow here!  Aren't you glad you live somewhere else?

One last thought tonight before I leave ya - My heart goes out to our friend "The Zadge" who lost her dog Jackson this past week - Jackson lost his battle with the evil cancer but he won the hearts of many friends and family!  As I told "The Zadge" earlier in the week - Jackson is at the Rainbow Bridge - playing cards, having a drink and cigar with all the other love bug dogs who have gone before him - I would even bet my Dad might be there - there are of course drinks and cigars going around! :)

PS - One last FINAL thought - My cousin over at  - had someone come forward and give a substantial amount of money towards her stemcell transplant fund - enough that she can now go to Mexico to receive her stemmies as she calls them!  So God Bless the person who gave the donation - nobody works harder or deserves it more than my cousin Eliza!  And whoever you are - YOU da'bomb! :)

Enjoy everyone!


  1. I love both Meg and the Zadge. I actually cried when I read her blog about the Shone...

    Thanks for swinging by today, now I'm following you :)

  2. How lucky are we to have our angels in heaven, not only looking out for us, but hanging with each other smoking stogies and chasing frisbees!

  3. In answer to your question, "Aren't I glad I don't live there?" YES!

    OMG? and you drive in that?! I would crawl up under my kitchen table and not come out until spring!

  4. Ahh, thank you for the shout out little sister!