Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday musings..........

I have been putting together a blog about reality TV to post but am going off topic to post some other important news!

In case you haven't heard - THE BOSTON BRUINS WON THE STANLEY CUP!  Woot woot!  I might go to the parade tomorrow with the boys - weather dependent!

My boy is going to get his driver's license tomorrow.......Happy?  Sad?  A little of both!  Happy because now he can take himself places and enjoy the freedom of being an "almost" adult.  I remember getting my license and feeling the freedom and growing up; it's something you never forget, it's a very exciting rite of passage in one's life!  Good luck Patrick - even though you scare my sometimes - I know you'll do fine!

This weekend is Father's Day - my heart is still heavy that my Dad is gone - but never forgotten.  Here's to you Dad - forever in my heart, always by my side.  This is my favorite picture of my Dad - this is how I choose to remember him - smiling and laughing......

And Father's day would not be complete unless I said Happy Fathers Day to my husband..........because although we have our disagreements and are not always on the same page - he is without a doubt one of the best fathers in the world - and I mean that with all my heart.  My kids are lucky to have him as their Dad, they might not know it yet - but someday they will and they will feel pride and gratitude.  Happy Father's Day Joe - your a good man Charlie Brown whoops, I mean Joe!


  1. Congrats on the Bruins.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Love Dad's photo in one of our all-time favorite places where we shared so many good times and memories....Love, love, love your children's father...he too is an all-time hero and good man, especially to his wife's Mom....Thank you, Joe for all you do for me and for your family. It makes me happy to know Bridget chose such a good man to join her in life's journey. HEY BRUINS!!!! Another joy in life!!! Annie

  3. Nice post on all our men...congrats Patrick for getting your license! Now both your mother and I can be scared!

  4. What sore losers those Canucks are! We Bostonians would never act like that when we lose.
    Your Men look very handsome and I want to wish Matt good luck and safety in his driving adventure.