Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas to me?

Ms.Bee cannot stop laughing!  Today Ms.Bee received a gift bag (that was clearly reused a few times) of goodies from the Boss!  Ms.Bee is bursting with excitement and cannot wait to show you the LOOT! 

First we shall start off with the card!  Nothing says the boss appreciates all your hard work like "Best Wishes for 2012!"

And NOTHING says I want you on board like these fine gifts!  Soap - I actually got 2 boxes and left on in the car after is fell off the seat going around a corner - man the SHIT stinks!  Pepe LePEW smells better!  Do you think maybe she could have sprung for just a Crabtree and Evelyn?  NOPE - I would love to know where she picked this CRAP up!

And hey check out those Frosty The Snowman earrings huh?  Snazzy don't you think?  Or as my kids say, those snizzle!  Yup - I think I'll sport those things on the next Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation movie!  These were BIG bucks!

Even The Man's Man said "it's time to go" - and he was a little taken aback by the lack of effort here...............Don't get me wrong - I always appreciate a gift no matter the cash value - some of the best gifts I have ever received were small but meant something because of who they came from - but this is just laughable - I was going to say insulting but it's too laughable to be insulting! 

Note to self - "Don't bother giving boss a box of shit for Christmas" - she is already full of it!

Merry Christmas Boss - and all the best to YOU in 2012!  I think a new assistant is on top of the list!


  1. She went to the Dollar Store? I can't even think of a way to retaliate! She's a beeyotch for sure!

  2. Sorry your boss doesn't value you, that's rotten.